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Madden 15 Tips: SS Scrape 3

Defense 3-4 Predator_SS Scrape 3

Our blitzes will be of the SIM variety meaning there will be very little setup and no moving of any players on the defensive side pre-snap.  As most know by know, getting to the QB in Madden 15 is a lot easier than in years prior.  The OLine is still smart, but sometimes they don’t get the job done in obvious situations.

Because of this, stock blitzes have a greater likelihood of being effective.  But never under-estimate the importance of having some key blitzes in your back-pocket during those critical moments in a key game.  Contrarily, also never get stuck holding the bag on offense without a hot-read for your QB….knowing these blitzes come in hot.

Formation:  3-4 Predator

Play:  SS Scrape 3

Adjustments:  Shift DL Left

***You could also tinker with QB Contain as well, but as long as you shift the DL to the left, the SS will come in free OR the RT will pick up the SS and the LOLB will come in even quicker.  Make sure you do NOT do anything to move the SS back for 2 Deep Look.

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