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Comparing Madden 18’s Graphics On XBox One X vs PlayStation 4 Pro

There are two types of Madden players: those who play on the XBox, and those who play on PlayStation. Although it’s hard to determine whether playing Madden 18 on the XBox One X is better than playing on the PS4 Pro, it’s easy to tell which console offers players a better visual presentation and graphics.

Madden NFL 18’s most recent title update upgraded the game to support 4K resolution on the XBox One X. This boost to Madden’s visual presentation makes a clear difference in gameplay on the One X.

As we’ve said before, that goes double if your TV supports HDR. HDR, or High Dynamic Range, means your TV has the ability to display better looking, or more dynamic pixels while 4K means your TV produces more pixels.

Madden NFL 18 on Xbox One X gives gamers that little bit of extra detail, and as small as it may be, it makes a difference in the game’s quality. Perfection is in the details, and Madden 18 on the One X provides more detailed graphics and visuals such as clarity and colors. The smallest of details such as the light reflecting off of helmets, sweat glistening in the sun, and even the blades of grass just look better and sharper on the One X.

As most Madden players have a tendency to do, I normally skip the series’ replays and “camera on the field” bits between plays, but not after this improvement. Cutscenes are a noticeably more stable 30 frames per second giving a smoother experience. It’s these small differences in the visuals and the detailed graphics that certainly make these aspects of Madden 18’s presentation more worthwhile and exciting to play.

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