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Madden 20 Companion App is Now Live

Madden 20 is out now on EA Access, and will hit stores on August 2. Before that date, the Madden team has rolled out the Madden companion app, which is available now on iOS and Google Play

Madden 20 Companion App

The app, which has been re-done for Madden 20, allows Madden players to be connected with their MUT team at all times. Players can check out the auction house, bid on items, as well as look at the items in your MUT binder. Franchise players can also use the app to check out their league schedule, set a game status, and export game data. Madden league commissioners can also use the app to advance the week, clear cap penalties, and set league members to “auto-pilot”

Also, according to the description in the app, Madden users can receive “hints and strategies from the pros,” and learn about new updates and exclusive offers and events. Users who sign up for the app are also eligible to receive coins and packs in Madden Ultimate Team.

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