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Madden 22 PC Version Won’t Be Next-Gen

When Madden 22 was announced, PC players of the game were hoping to finally experience the next-gen version of the game for themselves. Unfortunately, however, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

When EA Sports revealed the Madden 22 features and improvements, one thing quickly noticed was that most of the gameplay updates require either the Xbox Series X|S or PlayStation 5. That means that, once again, PC players will be given the last-gen version of the game that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners receive.

Madden 22 gameplay will include Next Gen Stats Star Driven AI, an overhauled gameday atmosphere, and Next Gen Movement 2.0. All of those new features are only offered to next-gen console players.

Madden 22 PC Features

We’ve reached out to EA Sports for an official comment on the decision, and will update the story should one be received.

What do you think about the apparent decision to keep the Madden 22 PC version on par with last-gen as opposed to the newer systems? Let us know in the comment section below, and stick with Sports Gamers Online for more. 

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[…] a page out of the EA Sports playbook, the PC version of NBA 2K22 will be in line with the last-gen PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo […]

Evangelos Sisalouis
Evangelos Sisalouis
28 days ago

Madden 08 with new rosters again it is then. #DumpEA

1 month ago

You can’t even find any of the new consoles nobody has them in stock

Christopher Blanchette
Christopher Blanchette
1 month ago

This really sucks. We have machines that are 3x more powerful and have to go back to 1080p and screen tearing if we want to play sports games.
This is not something they need to figure out. This is something they are doing on purpose. Lazy idiots act like the games aren’t created on a PC in the first place. A graphics card from 4+ years ago can do everything the ps5 can do and more, yet we just get b/s excuses.
I don’t know which version in going to get. I really don’t want to mess with that stutterbox they call ps5 anymore. No vrr, no 3d audio, weak agpu

1 month ago

EA: “No one cares about sports games on PC!”
PC: “You keep giving us inferior products.”
EA: “We strive to deliver the best experience for all players”
*EA releases legacy version of sports title on PC.*
*sales are dismal*
EA: “The PC playerbase is clearly not interested in sports titles.”

RG Gordie
RG Gordie
1 month ago

I stopped buying Madden years ago when they dumped the PC crowd…Was planning on buying the game this year Until I see they Still don’t care about the PC crowd
I do Own 2 EA games…but I now understand Why they Lost the Star Wars contract and I am glad they did…Thanks for Nothing EA.

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