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Madden 22 Franchise Top Teams

Madden 22 Top Teams For Franchise Ranked

With Madden 22 inching near, our YouTube side published a series of Madden 22 top franchise teams. The Natural and T4Verts did a team by team breakdown, using T4Verts analytical breakdown(below), which includes 11 data points he pulled from to form his overall grades.

Madden 22 Franchise Top Teams

Team Ranks 32 to 21

32. Lions (78.2):
The Lions are the bottom of the barrel when it comes to Madden 22 Franchise, with their only bright spot being their draft capital grade(first). Offensive weapons(31), defensive coverage(31), and defensive athleticism(30) all rank 30th or worse and have 5 other categories 20th or worse. This is a traditional strip down and rebuild team only having one category above rank 16.

31. Falcons (78.6):
The Falcons’, from a franchise perspective, problems begin with their 22nd ranked adjusted quarterback and 28th ranked cap availability. Matt Ryan and his contract don’t set them up well, but it gets worse being set up with lackluster weapons, ranking 21st and an atrocious offensive line, ranking 29th. They do have an athletic offense, ranking 10th, which is their second highest ranked group, behind draft capital(6th). The defense is one of the worst in the game, only having one thing ranked above 16th: defensive athleticism.

30. Jaguars (80.1): 
The Jaguars secured their franchise quarterback in Trevor Lawrence, or so they hope, which landed them at rank 7 for adjusted qb. Outside of that, they rank 9th in draft capital and 11th in cap and then everything else is 12th(O-line) or lower. The defense ranks 26th or worse in every group, besides defensive athleticism which ranks 17th.

29. Bears (80.3):
Da Bears are as old as their nickname, ranking 29th in youth power index, which ranks your teams age based on productive players. They have youth, but not productive youth based on ratings, and pair that with an offense with above 25th in every group, besides adjusted qb (15th), you get the 29th worse team. The defense, on the other hand, ranks 4th or higher in two categories: optimal rush(4th) and run defense(2nd).

28. Texans (80.3):
The Houston Texans come in at rank number 28,  with their highest group being adjusted quarterback which is ranked third. Now outside of that they only have one other bright spot on their team and it is defensive athleticism, which is ranked 6th. Their offense has 2 things ranked 23rd or worse, offensive line (23rd) and weapons (29th). Now on the defensive side of the ball, they have two things ranked 31st or worse. Coming in at 31st ranked is their optimal rush and ranked 32nd is their rush defense. The rating is carried by Deshaun Watson and the athleticism of their defense.

27. Bengals (81.5):
The Bengals have 4 highlights of their team: cap space(8th), draft capital(11th), youth power index(4th) and defensive coverage(7th). The rest of the teams rankings are mediocre to poor, with the next highest group being adjusted quarterback which is ranked 16th.

26. Colts (81.5):
The Colts have the 5th ranked cap, 6th ranked offensive line, 3rd ranked ypi and then mediocre everything else. Adjusted quarterback is is their lowest group which is ranked 30, then they have solid rush defense (12th). Their lack of offensive athleticism (30th) and adjusted quarterback is what weighs them down to the 26th spot.

25. Raiders (81.8):
The Raiders whole offense is ranked top 10, besides adjusted quarterback (19th) and offensive line (22nd). Now on the defensive side of the ball they are ranked 30th or lower in all but one category, coverage (21st). They are an offensive heavy team, but with the 9th ranked cap space making moves on defense should be easy.

24. Steelers (81.8):
A defensive heavy team with the 3rd best cap after year one when Ben Roethlisberger’s contract is up. Adjusted quarterback is ranked 31st, which leads to a replacement being needed early. Their front seven carries the team, per usual, with their optimal rush being ranked first and rush defense ranked 3rd.

23. Cardinals (82.1):
A team with a bunch of aging stars, they are led by their 2nd ranked optimal rush. Their adjusted quarterback rank is 10th and offensive line is ranked 13th. The weaknesses of the team is their offensive athleticism, weighed down by the running back group, which is ranked 32nd

22. Vikings (82.1):
The Vikings are led by their 7th ranked offensive weapons, and 9th ranked offensive athleticism. Their rush defense is ranked 7th as well, while their optimal rush is ranked 17th as Danielle Hunter will need a running mate.

21. Rams (82.3):
The Rams are carried by their defense to the 21st spot. Their defense is ranked 15th or better in everything, besides optimal rush (22nd) which is in need of help alongside Aaron Donald.

Madden 22 Franchise Rank 20-11

20. Titans (82.3): 
The Titans come in ranked 20th, carried by their explosive offense, having the 4th ranked weapons. When it comes to defense everything is ranked 11th besides coverage (30th). The Titans youth power index is ranked 32nd, so it seems developing the youth on the team is needed.

19. Panthers (82.4):
The Panthers are ranked 6th in youth power index, 4th in weapons, and then middle to back of the pack in everything else. Adjusted quarterback is ranked 26th, so keeping or replacing Sam Darnold becomes a necessary decision. The offensive line is ranked 21st, rush defense 24th and coverage 28th.

18. Seahawks (82.9):
The Seahawks come in with the 6th ranked cap space, 5th in Adjusted quarterback and 6th in rush defense. 29th in draft capital, as they’re still seeing effects from that Jamaal Adams trade. They have the 10th ranked offensive weapons and 13th ranked coverage.

17. Saints (83.0):
The Saints have the 31st ranked cap space, 23rd ranked draft capital and 29th ranked adjusted quarterback. Those are important together, because the two biggest needs is the acquisition of a quarterback and another corner

16. Jets (83.3):
The Jets are setup to do anything you want. With the 2nd ranked cap space and draft capital, paired with the 8th ranked youth power index, they can easily be retooled to fix their 32nd ranked weapons rank. The back end of their defense is ranked 29th and their defensive athleticism is 24th, they remain carried by their front 7. Their optimal rush is ranked 10th with their rush defense being 19th.

15. Cowboys (83.4):
The Cowboys are cap strapped, being ranked 30th, but having an offense ranked top 15 in everything. Their offensive line is first, weapons 11th, 14th in athleticism, and sixth in adjusted quarterback. The defense is a different story only having one thing in the top 15, which is defensive athleticism (15th). Their coverage rank is 32nd and rush defense is 16th.

14. Giants (83.5):
The Giants are a well balanced team, having a weapons rank of seventh, offensive athleticism rank of 2nd and coverage rank of eighth. Their draft capital is fourth and youth power index is fifth. The offensive line is ranked 31st, though, and the rest of their defense is 24th or worse.

13. Dolphins (83.8):
The Dolphins are ranked first in cap space, 5th in draft capital, 5th in defensive coverage and 7th in defensive athleticism. The youth power index is ranked 30th, but they have youthful backups at almost every position outside of corner, who can develop.

12. Patriots (84.5)
The Patriots, per usual, rank first in defensive coverage. They also have the second ranked offensive line, while every other rank is middle of the pack. They have a young rookie quarterback in Mac Jones and newly acquired weapons both at receiver and tight end as well.

11. Eagles (84.7):
The Eagles have very effective trenches, with and offensive line ranked fourth and an optimal rush ranked third. They are hindered offensively with nothing beside offensive line ranked higher than 26th(QB).

Madden 22 Franchise Teams 10-1

10. Packers (85.2):
The Packers kick off the top 10, with their strengths being weapons(5th), coverage(6th) and defensive athleticism(4th). They do have the 32nd ranked cap space, and 26th ranked rush defense which pulls their ranking down. Everything else is around 12th-20th.

9. Chargers (85.4):
The Chargers are consistent across the board, with their highest ranks being cap space(4th), adjusted quarterback(9th), weapons (11th) and defensive athleticism(2nd). Their lowest ranked group is their offensive athleticism(25th). Justin Herbert alongside Keenan Allen and Mike Williams give the chargers a consistent passing attack, but they lack athleticism at offensive skill positions.

8. WFT (85.4):
The Washington Football Team are carried by their defense, nothing ranked below 12th and their highest being optimal rush)6th) and defensive athleticism(3rd). They have the 10th ranked cap space, 7th ranked weapons and 9th ranked offensive athleticism. They are hindered by their 32nd ranked adjusted quarterback and 28th ranked offensive line.

7. Ravens (86.1):
The Ravens feature the seventh ranked draft capital, second ranked adjusted quarterback, sixth ranked offensive athleticism, ninth ranked offensive line and fourth ranked coverage. They do, however, have the 31st ranked youth power index and 28th ranked defensive athleticism.

6. Bills (86.3): 
The Bills have a top 5 offense, with their rankings being carried by adjusted quarterback(5th), weapons(6th), offensive athleticism(5th) and offensive line(16th). Their defensive ranks are low 20’s, but their coverage comes in at third.

5. Broncos (87.0):
A true defensive team, with their highest rankings being optimal rush(8th), rush defense(4th), coverage(2nd). Offensively they are high teens and low 20’s, but have an offensive athleticism rank of fourth.

4. Chiefs (87.1)
The Chiefs are offensive juggernauts, with every offensive ranking being top 10. Their highest are adjusted quarterback(1st), weapons(2nd), and offensive athleticism(1st). Their offensive line comes in ranked 10th, which is a huge improvement over last year. Defense is severely lacking, but does have an optimal rush rank of 15th and coverage rank of 14th.

3. 49ers (87.8):
The 49ers are a opposite of the chiefs, being a defensive juggernaut, being ranked top 10 in every defensive category. Their offensive has some bright spots, thou, having the 3rd ranked offensive athleticism and 3rd ranked offensive line. They do have the 32nd ranked draft capital, but 11th ranked adjusted quarterback with game manager Jimmy Garoppolo and promising rookie Trey Lance.

2. Buccaneers (89.5):
Defending Super Bowl champions Tampa Bay Buccaneers are ranked top 10 in every positional category besides 3. They have the highest rank rush defense, 5th ranked optimal rush, and ninth ranked defensive athleticism. Offensively they have the 3rd ranked weapons group and 8th ranked offensive line. Their adjusted quarterback rank is 17th with Tom Brady always being an avoidable quarterback in franchise.

1. Browns (90.3):

Topping our rankings is the Cleveland Browns. They have three groups ranked first; youth power index, weapons and defensive athleticism. Their other strengths are their offensive line(3rd), optimal rush(9th) adjusted quarterback(8th) and draft capital(8th). They do have the 25th ranked cap space and 24th ranked offensive athleticism.

That concludes the list of Madden 22 top franchise mode teams. A full chart, with every data point from every team is below.

Let us know in the comments what your favorite team will be and what ranking surprised you most.

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