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Madden Ultimate Team 18 First Details Revealed

madden ultimate team 18

Madden Ultimate Team is one of the most popular modes in any sports game, and fans are always eager to learn about the changes coming to the mode with each new Madden release.

On Monday, fans got just that after Madden YouTuber Gut Foxx released the first details on Madden 18 Ultimate Team. He also touched on what fans should expect from post-launch patches, and the debuting Longshot story mode.

The information, Foxx claims, comes from reliable sources with knowledge of the plans for the game.


  • It appears Madden’s Longshot mode is going to be…short. Running between 4-6 hours and featuring Dan Marino, Chad Johnson, and Mahershala Ali, completing the story will yield you Madden Ultimate Team cards for Marino, Johnson, player character Devin Wade and a coach card for Ali’s character – Cutter Wade.
  • Marino is rumored to have a 90+ Ovr.
  • There will also be 7-on-7 games in Longshot mode.


  • There’s going to be a Day 0 patch, a Day 15 patch, a Day 30 patch, and so on, focused on keeping the MUT experience balanced early-on. EA Sports also intends to support the back-end of the game longer than Madden 17, which stopped updating with patches in February.
  • The Madden Ultimate Team Item Binder will have the same limit as Madden 17, and there’s no word if it’ll be less glitchy.
  • No Bill Belichick again this year, because the hoodie hates fun.

Ultimate Team

  • Draft Champions is being retitled Madden Ultimate Team Draft and will feature 20 rounds instead of 15.
  • There’s going to be a loyalty reward for Madden 17 MUT players getting into Madden 18’s Ultimate Team Mode, separate from the cross-eye inducing Rookie Premier program.
  • There’s going to be new chemistries and the streamlining of team chemistries. Team chemistries will boost all the same stats regardless of team, in the name of balance.
  • Twitch and Youtube events may give players rewards for watching and participating, with an emphasis on people who subscribe to Madden players via Twitch Prime.
  • You’ll be able to update coaches, stadiums, and uniforms to add chemistry and various bonuses – creating a use for mediocre players you don’t need.
  • Some Legend-level players will allow you to select their chemistry attributes!

There are several more tidbits in the video, specifically about how to combine Legends, certain players that are going to be available (like Warren Moon), and some wishes and hopes from Foxx.

Madden 18 launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 on August 25th. Those who pre-order the G.O.A.T. Edition of the game can get access three-days early on August 22.

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