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Full NASCAR Heat 2 Career Mode Details

NASCAR Heat 2 Career Mode

NASCAR Heat 2 developers are really focused on the new Career Mode. Today, a lot of details were released and if you were interested in knowing more about this you really need to check all the new stuff.

The game will add two new racing series – The Xfinity and Camping World Truck series. Both modes will have an impact on the new career mode in some way. In addition, Monster Games is developing your career path with rivalry and momentum systems.

The career mode starts in the truck series. Moving on during your initial season will get you offers in the Hot Seat Race for the next series. Then you’ll need to meet the criteria in these series to get an offer to jump up to the Xfinity series. Accepting an offer to sign a contract with a team allows you take over one of their cars and driver. Overall, there are no driver retirements in the mode and the other drivers will stay in their series without moving up. You can stay in the same series should you not want to move up yet. You can race in multiple series at once even with multi-series weekends. That’s assuming there’s no scheduling conflicts.

Racing champion Brad Keselowski helped the development team with one big aspect of NASCAR Heat 2: Driver rivalries and friendships. The rivalry system needs some time to develop so you’re not going to see a driver go crazy if you have one single run in. However, things will change with the more you go at it. Driver relationships cool off somewhat between seasons so they are not permanent.

As you make your way through the different races, you will get driver feedback from Keselowski (and others) via a message system. Messages about your rivalry status with a particular driver can pop up after races.

It will be important to work on your team. Team momentum will be earned by strong finishes at the track as you complete races. The idea is that strong performances can help in lifting your team members and crew giving you stronger and better-performing cars. The longer you stay with a team, the better it gets. This allows you to build and improve even lower-ranked teams. This function is set to replace last year’s facilities upgrade mechanic.

Monster’s NASCAR Heat 2 will be released next September 12 on PS4, Xbox, and PC. You can already pre-order the title (PS and Xbox only).

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