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Cursed to Golf Preview: A Taste of Golf Purgatory

This weekend, PAX East returned after taking a year off due to the ongoing pandemic. Some of the industry’s most creative developers took to the convention floor to showcase their upcoming games. 

One of the busier booths was Thunderful Games, showcasing multiple titles, including Cursed to Golf. The Thunderful booth was right at the show floor entrance and stuck out like a sore thumb. This was very convenient for me because Cursed to Golf was my first appointment of the day. I checked in with a few Thunderful Games reps to confirm my appointment with Liam Edwards, the game director of Cursed to Golf. Immediately, I sat down to play the game’s tutorial while I waited to interview Liam.  

Cursed to Golf Preview

Cursed to Golf tees off with the main character’s biggest golf game yet. As you make your way to the final hole, the game teaches you the basic controls, the 3 different types of clubs, and their effects. It all seems like everything is going to plan in this massive golf tournament for the main character, who is named simply named The Champ. However, a thunderstorm interrupts The Champ on the brink of victory, and he is suddenly struck by lightning that instantly kills him. Or does it? 

The Champ free falls through multiple levels in the game and faceplants right into the bottom of Golf Purgatory. When the unfortunate golfer wakes up, he is greeted by The Scotsman, who informs The Champ that he can make it back to the living if he golfs through the 18-holes of golf purgatory.  

Sadly, shortly after arriving in golf limbo, I finally met Liam Edwards and started my interview. 

Cursed to Golf Interview with Game Director Liam Edwards

To learn more about Thunderful’s golf-like game, check out my interview with Liam at Pax East below.

You can try your hand at making it through golf purgatory when Cursed to Golf comes out this summer. However, you can try the game’s demo now via Steam.  

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