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EA Sports and Adidas Announce Collaboration Featuring New Jerseys for Original Six Teams

EA Sports and Adidas have announced a collaboration called the “Digital 6”, a series of jerseys for the NHL Original Six teams that will be exclusively available for NHL 19 in Hockey Ultimate Team. This will include other game modes in the future.

NHL 19 Digital 6

The jerseys were created to “honor the heritage of the Original Six teams, pay homage to the history and traditions of each city and explore the possibilities of the future.” Each jersey was created to show the uniqueness of each team and the city they play in.


The jersey pays homage to the NHL’s first American team by featuring seven stripes and 13 stars for each of the 13 colonies. There’s also a white-color block scheme on the jersey to make each number on the jersey pop. “Fans can unleash the attitude of a Bruin with this unique look, no matter their favorite team,” Adidas writes in the announcement.


The Blackhawks jersey expands the seven colors of the Hawks’ logo into various areas of the jersey. There’s also a series of stripes on the sleeves which display their colors proudly and “stays true to their legacy.”

Red Wings

The Red Wings’ jersey features an “amped-up” logo on the center of the jersey. This is along with red and white stripes that are inspired by the automotive history of Detroit. The stripes resemble the racing stripes that were on many muscle cars manufactured in the city.


The Habs’ jersey features the letters “MTL” on the center of the jersey to show off how locals refer to the city of Montreal. The jersey also features the iconic blue and red colors of the Canadiens through a series of stripes. It also sports their signature “C” that is used as the captaincy C.


To show off the “larger than life” nature of New York City, the Rangers’ jersey features an over-sized crest of the New York Rangers logo with “New York” in the center of the sweater. This jersey is supposed to stand out “like skyscrapers above the competition.”

Maple Leafs

The Maple Leafs’ jersey makes each player “look like a singular leaf”, with an over sized blue leaf on the jersey that’s reminiscent of the old Team Canada sweater. The jersey also features a white area on the upper half in homage of the winter cityscape “when the ice has frozen over.”

How to Get The Jerseys

The jerseys are currently available in Hockey Ultimate Team. Players can pick one of the six from the Pack Store. From there, players can acquire the other ones through completing HUT Challenges and also acquire players from sets within the Original Six Teams. Those players are:

  • Rick Middleton (Bruins)
  • Stan Mikita (Blackhawks)
  • Chris Chelios (Red Wings)
  • Guy Lafleur (Canadiens)
  • Adam Graves (Rangers)
  • Mats Sundin (Maple Leafs)

These jerseys will also be available in other game modes across NHL 19 come November 19. What do you think about the jerseys? Let us know in the comments section below.

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