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NHL 21 Gameplay Takes Center Ice

Hockey gamers got a glimpse into what the gameplay is going to look like in NHL 21. EA Sports released information on their website Thursday detailing specifics on gameplay improvements. It also showcased their trailer for the gameplay of the game on YouTube.

Details on NHL 21 Gameplay Improvements

On their website, NHL 21 discussed superstar-inspired innovation as a big part of the game. This tackles specific ways a player skates on the ice or how they score on goal with specific movements. An example they used was how Pittsburgh Penguins’ Sidney Crosby shakes off a pesky defender by banking the puck off the back of the net to create space.

Neutral zone play is getting some additions, implementing slips, banks, and chips. Players can use creative ways to skate along the boards as they squeak by a defender’s check. They can also bank the puck off the boards and around their opponents or use the back of the net. Or players can chip the puck past a flatfooted defenseman and burn him for a goal.

Improvements to the AI were emphasized in the gameplay notes.  AI players will have upgraded passing, positioning around the ice, and coordination on defense to slow down offenses on the ice.

Goalies have new desperation saves and animations to stop the puck from going in the back of the net. Their control and positioning have improved in the game. Goalies’ AI has improved to position themselves to stop the puck better depending on the shooter’s angle and approach.

To learn more about the gameplay in NHL 21, gamers can check out EA Sports’ website here to get the full details. Players can pre-order the game as well through the EA Sports website here as well. The game is set to be released worldwide on October 16 through Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


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