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WWE 2K22 Controls

Lets Look at the New WWE 2K22 Controls

As part of the new features that were announced on Thursday, 2K Sports revealed that there will be new controls in WWE 2K22. While the controls weren’t gone over in detail, the released trailer did include a look at at least one of the schemes players will be able to use.

With an Xbox One controller — remember, the game isn’t expected to be an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 title — the new layout looks much more simplified than years past.

WWE 2K22 Controls

Based on what’s shown, it could be expected that these are just the basic controls for the game. Other controls for things like specific match types should still be expected.

What immediately stands out is seeing grapples moved from the A* button to B as well as splitting up attacks with a light and heavy attack button. WWE 2K20 had a single strike button using X while B was used for pins and Irish Whips. Pins have now been moved to the right stick while Irish Whips aren’t directly mentioned in the scheme. Another change is RT being used as a modifier of sorts. While it had been used for Paybacks, it’s now used to initiate Finishers, Signatures, and Submissions.

As far as what remains the same, plenty appears to be carried over on the basic level. Things like changing targets, repositioning opponents, taunting, reversals, running and picking up objects all remain the same.

There is one new control option which is a dodge using RB, though it’s unclear how that will work within the game itself.

WWE 2K22 releases March 2022.

What do you think of the new, simplified controls? Let us know in the comment section below, and stick with Sports Gamers Online for more on WWE 2K22. And be sure to subscribe to SGO on YouTube.

*NOTE: All controls mentioned are using the Xbox One controller as a base.

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