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Madden NFL 17 Top 5 Offensive Tips

Madden 17 Tips

What’s good Sports Gamers, and welcome to our Top 5 Offensive Tips for Madden 17 where I go over five things that can help you take your game to the next level.

5. Stepping Up in Pocket

Technically year, you’re creeping closer to the defensive tackles and stuff, but with EA nuking up the middle nano’s, it’s not as much of a worry. What it does do is the same as in real life, resets your target point against the outside rushers.

I don’t mean the blitzes, just the regular pass rushers. Imagine trying to get to get a guy here and when you finally have a clean shot, he steps up forcing the rusher to beat the linemen again, thus buying you more time to complete a pass.

  1. Learn When To Take a Dive

If you’re on the mic with your opponent, warning you might be called a name, but just remember The Great Show on Turf Rams were known for diving after receiving a catch across the middle.

To, one, preserve their health, and, two, avoid any crazy hits that cause fumbles. Yes, I get it we all want to try for that 50 yard gain, nobody wants to willingly give up on a play without 11 guys dragging them down, but all it takes is to get smacked across the middle and fumble one time because you foolishly thought you could shake Luke Kuechly for you think differently.

  1. Have Patience When Running

I know. It’s hard not to just press spam the sprint button as soon as you get the ball, but if that was the key to success Dri Archer would have been an all pro. I see this on runs up the middle a lot, but that’s where you need to trade speed for precision the most.

I play a lot of rank games where I see dudes speed boosting up the backs of linemen or going so fast that can’t turn the corner in time to hit the holes. Then you done used up half your energy before the defender even came close to you. You want to use the speed boost as a tool to further the lead you have on the defender, not to get the lead in the first place.

  1. Avoid Getting Tunnel Vision

A common problem playing QB in Madden is as soon as you see an open receiver you throw it immediately, and this is what I mean by getting tunnel vision. It makes you lose focus on defenders that would have to already be smothering the receiver for you to notice them. Which can leave you vulnerable to getting intercepted by players who seemingly to you came out of nowhere, but were hawking the route the whole way or you lead your guy right to him.

So, if you find a potential open receiver, quickly scan the area he’s running towards to make sure the coast is clear, you’ll thus be able to spot how close the next defender is to your target which will cancel out the throws that make us throw controller, and determine the type of throw you’ll need to complete the pass to avoid giving the defender a shot at it. and lastly, as soon as you snap the ball, locate where the user defender is.

He’s your biggest threat for the surprise interceptions, as before you throw a pass, you’ll naturally check back to see where he’s at before you throw to make sure he’s not some place he’s not supposed to be.

  1. Eliminate Pre Determined Throws

This is a hard one to remember in the heat of battle, but trust me you’ll be better off. You ever run a play see a dude open, but you get sacked. Odds are your opponent saw it to, but your determined next play if I see that coverage I’m throwing to that dude I just saw and bam you get picked because he hot routed somebody or user covered it.

With all the hot routes and coverages at the defenses disposal what sense does it make to determine your throwing to somebody before you ever read the coverage?

This is even harder when you motion somebody, especially when motioning isn’t a huge part of your offense. It’s tough to disguise the 2-3 times you do motion as you’re not going to throw to that guy.  I mean look at this play I did, probably my worst throw of Madden 17 to date don’t be as dumb as I was

Alright guys do you agree with the list and do you have anything to add to help your fellow gamers out leave a comment down below, and stay tuned for more Madden 17 content from Sports Gamers Online.

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