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MLB The Show 16 New Features Part 1: Bowman Scout Day, RTTS Perks, New Animations!

Today we are detailing all of the new improvements, additions and features in MLB The Show 16 in three parts. Here we will cover Bowman Scout Day, RTTS Perks, and new Animations.

Bowman Scout Day is a new addition to Road to the Show this year which allows you to give scouts a first look at you to either increase or decrease your draft meter- or which round you are drafted in. Full series loads is a another improvement that allows you to play a whole series of games without ever loading back to the main menu.

Road to the Show unlock-able perks have been added to the game. Perks are bonuses you get by training your bonus attributes. There are two types of perks- passive and consumable perks. Passive perks are never activated and remain in use until the duration expires, whereas consumable can only be used once a game. Routes to balls in the outfield have made for more realistic routes and more over the top catches.

On field personality is a huge addition to MLB The Show 16. New home run sequences, and pitcher reactions to those home runs. On base animations, player specific post game celebrations, and 50 new home run swings. 400 new fielding and catching animations, 4 new swing types, and 3 new running animations are also huge additions to the game.

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