Feb 26, 2021
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MLB The Show 17 Trophies Revealed

mlb the show 17 celebration

MLB The Show 17 is less than a week from release, and Exophase has posted the list of trophies players will be able to unlock in this year’s game.

Some of the trophies are pretty simple. For example, one trophy requires players to simply win a game in the new Retro Mode. However, some trophies may be a bit difficult to earn like “Same name shame”.

That trophy requires the following:

“While batting with your pitcher, get a hit against an opposing pitcher who has the same name. (This trophy is not awarded if completed in a local multiplayer game, or by switching teams.)”

You can check out some of the trophies below, and find the entire list at Exophase.

MLB The Show 17 trophies

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