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MLB The Show 22 Adds Roy Halladay and Friends Program

MLB The Show 22 just got its third Featured Program of the year based around the newest legend to be added to the game, Roy Halladay. This update also features a new event, new packs, and several new cards based on Halladay and the players he played with during his legendary career.

MLB The Show 22 Halladay and Friends

The new Featured Program, Halladay and Friends, will last for only two weeks, the shortest of any of the featured programs so far this year. To account for this, it will be easier than ever to earn the boss of the program, 95 OVR Postseason Series Roy Halladay. Players will only need to earn 200,000 Program XP to get one of the best pitchers in the entire game.

MLB The Show 22

Along the way, players will earn lower rated versions of Halladay, similar to the evolution programs that were in the game in previous years. Players will also earn versions of some of Halladay’s most famous teammates. There include Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Shane Victorino, Carlos Delgado, Roy Oswalt, and Cole Hamels. After earning Halladay’s boss card, players can continue through the program which maxes out at 500,000 Program XP. The second half of the program includes a Cover Athlete choice pack, and Takashi Okazaki legends choice pack, and several The Show and Headliners packs.

A new conquest map has been added as part of the new Featured Program. Completing this Ringing Bell map will earn the player 30,000 XP towards the Halladay and Friends program. Players who complete the map specific goals will also earn Armed Forces Day equipment and uniforms.

The Doc’s Clinic Event

A new event, The Doc’s Clinic, starts today in MLB The Show 22. This event uses players from the NL and AL East divisions, the two divisions Halladay played in during his career. This event includes 3-inning games on All-Star difficulty. 8 wins in the program earns players 91 OVR All-Star series Aaron Nola, and 12 wins rewards 92 OVR 2nd Half Heroes series Paul Molitor.

MLB The Show 22

MLB The Show 22

May Monthly Awards

The next set of players have been added to the May Monthly Awards Program. The three 88 OVR players are:

  • Mets C Patrick Mazeika
  • A’s LF Luis Barrera
  • Dodgers 2B Gavin Lux

MLB The Show 22

Collecting these three, along with the fives players from last week’s update, will earn players a 90 OVR Josh Naylor Topps Now card.

Always Intense and Headliners Packs

The “Always Intense” pack has been added to the store in MLB The Show 22. Similar to the Big Dog packs, these have a base and rare batch of cards. The base cards include:

  • 90 OVR 2nd Half Heroes Matt Chapman
  • 90 OVR Prime Al Leiter
  • 91 OVR Milestone Juan Pierre
  • 90 OVR Prime Brad Hand
  • 91 OVR Awards Wil Myers

MLB The Show 22

The rare round, which players will have a 1:5 chance of getting when they open one of these packs, includes:

  • 95 OVR All-Star Mookie Betts
  • 95 OVR Signature Tom Glavine
  • 95 OVR Awards Brandon Crawford

The 15th Headliners Set has arrived in this update. The new Headliner is 94 OVR Breakout Ralph Kiner.

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