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NBA 2K21 - Neighborhood 2K Beach Overview

NBA 2K21 Coming to Xbox Game Pass

It’s March Madness, Baby! Though this year, there’s more Madness than just the Big Dance. Nevertheless, March is a big month for basketball fans, and Microsoft is here to help celebrate. Starting March 4, Microsoft will be adding NBA 2K21 to the Xbox Game Pass alongside several other sports games. There’s never been a better time to try a new sports game.

NBA 2K21 On Game Pass – The Next Generation

While NBA 2K21’s launch on last-gen consoles was pretty lukewarm, Visual Concepts really made improvements to the game on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. NBA 2K21 features a brand new multiplayer hub, dubbed The City, with factions balling for control of the city. It also features a revamped MyNBA and introduces The W, a full WNBA career mode we think is pretty great.

If you’ve been missing out on basketball during quarantine, but you couldn’t convince yourself to buy into the latest 2K basketball game, here’s your chance to tap in. NBA 2K21 is a great addition to Game Pass.

Other Sports Gaming Coming Soon

Basketball isn’t the only sport being celebrated in game pass. You can play Madden NFL 21 right now via EA Play. A lot has been said about this year’s Madden entry, and it may shine a little less bright than NBA 2K. However, if you’ve ever wanted to play backyard football in a Spongebob Squarepants jersey, you should give it a shot.

Launching alongside NBA 2K21 on March 4 is soccer management simulator Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition (the non-console edition drops for PC Game Pass, as well). This is especially cool, since FM 21 is the first Football Manager game on the Xbox console since 2007. Fans of a cooler sport will be able to play NHL 21 on Game Pass when it’s added in April. If American sports aren’t your thing, Cricket 19 is currently available on PC Game Pass too.

If you’ve ever wanted to dip your toe into a new sports game, March is your month. You can get access to the Xbox Game Pass for $9.99 a month on console. If you play on computer, the PC Game Pass also costs $9.99 a month.

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