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NHL 17 Q&A Reveals Skating & AI Improvements, Tons More

nhl 17 qa

We’ve been getting an abundance of NHL 17 information this week, and now EA has opened up a Q&A page for fans to ask questions about the latest iteration of the game. The questions so far have revealed a number of improvements coming to NHL 17, including how skating and AI will be improved.

We’ve taken a number of the most popular questions for you to look at, which you can find below. Questions are still being answered, so if you have one you’d like to ask, I recommend heading over to Ask NHL.

Will NHL 17 be releasing a trailer at E3?

June 22 will be the first official trailer.
Can you talk about crease battles and cross crease goals from last year?

Yes. When we looked at one of the main issues for defenders it was the ability to tightly mark a player in front of the net or on the weak side.  Last year, there was a big focus on getting defensive deflections and interceptions right but this year, we really wanted to focus on that close defending of a player.  With net battles and extended stick lifts, you are given tools to tie up a player in front of the net so that you can take the goal side position and move them out from screening your goalie, tie up their stick, or simply just get in the way of them making a play.
Have you improved Be a GM this year? I feel the game mode hasn’t seen significant improvements for multiple installments.
This year we have added a lot to Franchise Mode with the inclusion of unique team owners and the ability to control finances. You can change ticket prices, budgets, perform arena upgrades/repairs, set marketing promotions, and relocate your franchise. We have also added Owner goals that are based on your owner’s personality which makes every team feel different.
Will there be any unlockable stat boosts or equipment for playing on EASHL? The rank system wasn’t enough to keep me playing.
There won’t be stat boosts in EASHL for NHL 17 – The mode is based around a balanced player class system where your skills with the controller and how you play as a team are the prime differentiator in who wins games.  However, with the amount of customization options you can unlock, there are a lot of items that will allow you to show off how far you and your team has progressed and the accomplishments you have marked along the way.
Looks like NHL17 has relocation! (pumped!) Do users get to customize jerseys, colors, names etc or are the location cities already have team suggestions with jerseys and logos?
Players will get to fully customize their jerseys, colors, names and more at the new city that they relocate to. We are excited to see the different designs and looks that our players create.
Will new Goalie AI accompany the new animations? 
Yes. In adding new blocking saves, the goalies save mechanics have been updated as well, so goalies will move their body into shots rather than making a limb based save which ultimately made them more vulnerable to be beat.  They also know to stay tighter to their posts when the puck is down low and passes and shots are coming in tight to the net.
Can you create your own team in NHL17?
Yes. You can create a team in NHL 17 leveraging the most robust customization package that we’ve ever had.
Are there going to be better ways to earn coins in HUT this year? Like solo challenges or better set completion awards?
For NHL 17 we took a look at gameplay rewards and made some changes that should increase the amount of coins the average player earns. In addition the new Dynamic Sets feature in HUT will allow you to trade in unneeded items in your collection.
As you can see, there are a lot of questions being asked and answered. If you want to see the full list, check out the website. NHL 17 will be making an appearance at EA Play which takes place during E3 this year, so you can expect to hear more about the game then. Until then, stay tuned to SGO for the latest NHL news and tips.


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