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E3 2016: What Sports Games Will We See at E3?

We’re just under a week away from E3, and we figured now would be better than ever to discuss what we’d like to see going into the trade show. Last year we talked about the sports games we expected to see at E3, and this year we’re going to do the same.

So, what games will we see at E3? Do keep in mind that, as far as we can tell, some of these may not be officially confirmed for the show this year! This list should be considered speculative as a result.


e3 2016 maddenMadden is a sports gaming staple, and one of the big pillars for EA Sports. Since EA has already started talking about some of the new features we’ll see in the game, and since EA is showing the game off at EA Play, it’s safe to say that we’ll hear more about it during their press conference this year.

As to what news we’ll get on the franchise? Only time will tell. Hopefully we’ll hear something about new game modes, but until then, you can check out our article addressing your top 10 questions on Madden 17 to get up to speed on what we know so far about the game.

We’ll be checking out the game at EA play, so we’ll have more coverage on the game for you next week!


e3 2016 fifaLike Madden, FIFA is often considered to be one of the big EA Sports titles, with a major presence at E3 every year. The game has been confirmed for EA Play, so it’s safe to say we’ll hear more about it in Los Angeles next week.

With PES getting the jump on the franchise by talking about their game earlier, I’d expect to see EA make a big FIFA reveal during their press conference. Will that include the cover athlete for the game? I’d hope so.

Game Informer also reports that the game will be using the Frostbite engine, as the first of many EA Sports franchises to use the engine moving forward. If this is true, we’ll probably get confirmation at E3.


e3 2016 nhlUnfortunately, the cover reveal for NHL 17 has already been spoken for. Rather than reveal the cover during E3, the winner of the NHL 17 cover vote will be announced during at the NHL Awards in Las Vegas on June 22.

There’s still a lot to talk about, but now that we know the first trailer for the game will also be featured at that event, it’s hard to see a lot of new information being presented. The game will be at EA Play, though, so you can expect to see more of the game then.

PGA Tour 

e3 2016 pga tourLast year marked the first time that Rory McIlroy took over as the namesake athlete for EA’s long running PGA Tour franchise. It’s a bit odd that we haven’t seen any information on another installment, since the franchise has typically seen a release window between March and July.

Maybe EA are really sticking to their guns by not making PGA Tour annualized as they’ve said they would do previously, but if that’s the case, we might still hear something about their plans for the game moving into 2017.

With June underway and E3 coming up, hopefully we will hear something about the game. If we do, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the latest.


e3 2016 nba liveWe already know that NBA LIVE is getting pushed back into 2017, making it unlikely that we’ll see the game at E3, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see EA talk about the delay and what they hope to achieve by delivering the game later than usual.

With the fierce competition of the much-favored NBA 2K, I think most people would agree that NBA LIVE could use a break. Still, it’d be great to hear just what EA has planned to make the game more competitive next year.


e3 2016 nba 2kWe’ve seen that Kobe Bryant will be getting his own special version of the game called “Legend Edition”, but we haven’t seen much of the game itself. Based on last year, NBA 2K likely won’t be making much of an appearance at E3 if it makes one at all.

We already got a number of big reveals at the Road to the Finals, where we learned that Paul George would be the cover athlete, along with the news of a September 20 release date and a return of the Early Tip-Off Weekend.

With 2K16 having a few gameplay issues that prompted the community to band together to see them fixed, hopefully 2K can deliver another solid product for the 2017 season.


e3 2016 pesPES 2017 is well on the way, and as our favorite soccer game in 2015, you can bet we’re excited to get our hands on the latest iteration of the franchise. Thankfully, the game is confirmed for E3, so we’ll be seeing a lot of it next week.

We’ve got plans to check out the game, you can expect to see more coverage on it soon!

We’ll be returning to E3 again next week to bring you coverage straight from the show. Are there any sports games you’d like to see this year? Let us know in the comments or on social media, and as always, stay tuned to SGO for the latest news on your favorite sports games!

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