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PES 2017: MyClub Now Live

PES 2017 myClub

MyClub, the online game mode that allows players to build their dream football club, is now live for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017.

The myClub launch is being accompanied by a UCL special agent promotion. This will give players a chance to access UEFA Champions League Stars, along with 11 players from the 2015 UEFA Team of the Year. Players can acquire a UEFA Champions League special agent as a reward if they beat the teams that are playing in the group stage of the PES 2017 VS Com Challenge Cup.

On September 29, Players will be able to purchase two agents, using game points or myClub coins, and get the chance to add Legend players to their team—this includes Legends from FC Barcelona.

MyClub awards players with game points for strong performances and these can be used to spend on new footballers and strengthen teams. Players can also purchase myClub coins for the same use through micro-transactions. The full currency system is now up and running in myClub.

MyClub functions similarly to the Ultimate Team modes from EA’s sports titles. You build a team of footballers, compete online, and earn better footballers by winning matches.

MyClub can also be played as a standalone game for free.

MyClub was introduced in PES 2015 and has been a big draw for many fans of the series.

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