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Psyonix Details Upcoming Rocket League Patch, Season 2 Changes

rocket league season 1 rewards

With such a high skill ceiling, Rocket League has become quite a hit with the eSports community. With such a competitive following, it’s no surprise that another ranked season is on the way.

Of course, like any competitive game worth its salt, Rocket League will see some changes moving into season 2. In anticipation of the new season and an upcoming patch that will be on the way next month, Psyonix took to their forums to talk about what’s in store.

According to the post, the focus of season 2 will be improving the matchmaking system to ultimately ensure that ranks are distributed the way that they should be, with less importance given to individual losses and wins.

Primary changes include renaming ranked play to “competitive matchmaking,” removing rank points, and replacing the season 1 divisions with 12 new ones, starting from Prospect I and going all the way to Champion. In the update on their forums, Pysonix have included an image detailing the new ranks.


Unfortunately, with the changes to ranks, that means you’ll have to do some placement matches going into season 2. Don’t fret, though. Your rank in season 2 will be “heavily influenced” by your rank in season 1. Promotion and demotion will also work differently in season 2. Now your rank will rise along with your skill consistent, which presumably works


Finally, the number of players in the top division will no longer be hard capped. As long as you meet the skill requirement, you will be placed there. Season 2 will also retain the top 100 with leaderboards based on skill rating.

In case you missed it, Psyonix have also detailed the rewards for season 1 of ranked play. The rewards are crowns based on your ranking, so if you got a silver rank, you’ll be receiving a silver crown.

Sounds like Rocket League is just going to get better moving into season 2. Will you be testing your skill this time around? Let us know in the comments.

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