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MLB The Show 16 Vlog Details Road to the Show and ShowTime

mlb 16 the show scout day

Leading up to release, MLB The Show 16 developers San Diego Studio are providing a series of vlogs to talk about some of the features in the upcoming version of the game. Today they’ve released the first vlog, which details Road to the Show and ShowTime.

In this week’s video, Matt Schaeffer goes over some of the new features being added to Road to the Show. There’s the Bowman Scout Day, which he describes as an opportunity to display your individual skills for the scouts. Your performance on scout day and the showcase games afterwards will generate an MLB scouting report. These reports are now based on the 20-80 scouting scale, which is used by real MLB teams during the draft.

Road to the Show has also been streamlined, making it possible to play a full series of games without ever having to go back to the main menu, with access to the training screens in between. New to training is the addition of unlockable perks, which are acquired by training player attributes.

There are two types of perks, consumable and passive. Consumable perks can be used once per game, but you have control over when they’re used. Passive perks do not have to be activated. Your choice of perks will also affect the amount of showtime added to your meter at the beginning of each game. The more powerful your perks, the less showtime you’ll regenerate.

We’ve already seen showtime, but the video also offers a bit more detail on the feature. There isn’t much new there, although some new footage is always great. As part of the promotion for MLB The Show 16, San Diego Studio will be streaming the game on twitch as well as releasing additional videos every week. Based on the tentative schedule shown in the video, we’ll be learning a lot more about MLB The Show 16 up until March 15.

mlb the show 16 schedule

MLB The Show 16 will be available exclusively for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 starting on March 29. Are you excited for the game? Let us know in the comments.


Redditor MLBtheShowTips has compiled a list of newly revealed features from the trailer.

– We will get weekly developer vlogs / Twitch streams leading up to launch
– Road to the Show on PS4 lets you advance to the next game without jumping back to main menu
– Scouting Reports changed to 80/20 scale
– Scouting Day is new for RTTS
– New Perks feature in RTTS gives consumable and passive options
– ShowTime (slow motion) feature exists in RTTS for hitting and fielding – don’t know where else in the game
– Two new modes are called “Battle Royale” and “Conquest”
– Diamond Dynasty will have universal rewards, Flashbacks and Captains… and something about missions
– Hit Speed is a new analytic you see during at bats in the video
– On base runners’ speeds are displayed now on the diamond in the top right


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