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Best Sports Games on Steam

You will find it easy to get the hang of the sports games available on Steam. After you have mastered one, it’s a fun-filled experience with a lot of thrill packed in. The games bring out the competitor in you, be it the ring, the field, or the racetrack. You’ll love the challenge as you find your skills and reflexes pitted against others in the engrossing sports games.

Usually, sports games come with excellent graphics. Performance tends to be slick, and the fast action in them gives you a massive adrenaline rush. We bring you a detailed account of three games that you should try!

Top Sports Games on Steam to try

Assetto Corsa


Giving you the option to take your pick from classic cars like BMW, Audi, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and more, you can participate in multiple races and launch your racing career. There are many events you can be a part of. It’s an exhilaratingly fast game as you watch the racing track zip by from behind the wheels. The publisher of the game is Kunos Simulazioni. The game has built-in artificial intelligence, which further boosts your experience. Not only does the game give you the option to choose your car, but you can choose the racing track as well.


  • The mod support in the game is one of the best features Assetto Corsa comes with. The unlimited variety in the mods of cars and track selections is just incredible! What’s more, it’s surely going to get better in the days to come.
  • When you use the gaming wheels that Assetto Corsa supports, you experience 900-degree rotation when you use them. The cockpit view in the game animates 1:1 as the player’s gaming wheel rotates, making Assetto Corsa truly engrossing.
  • Assetto Corsa also supports VR partially, even though some components like screen overlay are missing. Despite this shortcoming, the game’s really excellent overall.


  • Assetto Corsa’s single-player mode does have all the components you would expect in a racing game, like advancing to the next level after earning medals in one. However, it still feels a bit lacking overall, with the official release being only 1.0. Here’s hoping that more will be added to the game with time.

GRID Autosport

Coming from the house of Feral Interactive, GRID Autosport is another exciting racing game. You can choose from more than 100 racing cars and 100 racing circuits that have different levels of difficulty. The game app works only on a few versions of iPhones and iPads. The controls in the game are pretty intuitive. However, the game’s VR version is still in the experimental stage. The varying difficulty levels in the racing tracks are a good test of your perseverance and skills.


  • The game is the perfect balance between being challenging and being approachable. It’s because GRID Autosport is forgiving enough to give you the chance to achieve mastery over it while you keep trying. At the same time, it is difficult enough to make things challenging for you. The steering isn’t a one-size-fits-all one which was quite an issue in GRID 2.
  • There’s no motion sickness as both the player and the characters remain stationary while the vehicle creates a reference frame.
  • There are 5 game types to choose from, Touring, Endurance, Open Wheel, Tuner, and Street. Through DLC, there are even more game modes available. This adds to the excitement and thrill as each type comes with different handling models and different cars.


  • Specific quality issues somewhat dampen the thrill. The cockpit, for example, is pretty low-response, and the needles at times stop moving. It makes you feel that it’s an unpolished product.

When Ski Lifts Go Wrong


This entry might be unexpected to you. However, if you want to relax and simply enjoy quirky graphics, When Ski Lifts Go Wrong might be for you. It is a physics-based puzzle for Nintendo Switch and PC. It might seem like an easy game, but players have emphasized that you will likely fail a lot initially. What will you do in the game? Well, the goal is to build all manner of skiing attractions. Thus, you will be designing chairlifts, bridges, and gondolas. However, the building needs to be rather precise. Most players have highlighted the games pleasant atmosphere mixed with funny mistakes.

It might not be a game for everyone, especially those craving some intense action. Nevertheless, it is an excellent break from competing in situations in which every second counts.


  • Players who love bridge builders are likely to enjoy this game the most. However, even newbies have been said to enjoy it.
  • Players emphasized the great building tools available within the game.
  • Sandbox Mode is an entertaining feature.
  • Easy to control and entertaining gameplay to watch.


  • Not your typical sports game.
  • Might be difficult to master at the beginning.


It’s an enthralling world out there for sports lovers, with Steam offering some exciting games. If you are not yet sold on the idea of these games, you might wait for a sale. Then, you can get games for a lower price. However, you might not need to wait. A gaming VPN makes it possible for players to purchase games at better prices. For the most part, it refers to price discrimination based on users’ location. Thus, by changing your IP address, you get to purchase games for better prices.

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