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F1 2020 Trailer Teases Customization Options, New Podium Pass

Developer Codemasters dropped a trailer today revealing features for their upcoming F1 2020 racing game. The official Formula One racing game brings changes to both its multiplayer and single player experiences.

F1 2020‘s New Customization Options

Codemaster’s trailer focuses on F1 2020‘s new customization options. The beginning of the F1 2020 trailer highlights the game’s new My Team mode. My Team puts you into the role of driver-manager. The trailer teases vehicle customization options and new contract mechanics in its new create-a-team feature. According to Deep Silver’s press release, “players need to make off-track decisions that will boost driver and staff motivation and in turn, generate funds to improve facilities, upgrade car parts and sign a new teammate.”

F1 2020 also features the ability to change the length of seasons. Players can now choose 10 or 16-race seasons, along with the default 21-race season. The trailer shows customization options for F2 integration as well. A suite of new on-track options are coming in F1 2020 as well. In its press release, Deep Silver emphasizes that these changes have been made following feedback from both drivers and players.

The trailer reveals the return of split-screen racing, which joins online multiplayer to round out the game’s multiplayer experience.

Podium Pass and Season One VIP

Courtesy of Codemasters F1 2020 Trailer

F1 2020 will feature the all new Podium Pass. The Podium Pass appears to mirror the Battle Pass formula popularized by Fortnite:

  • Players can unlock cosmetic items through the Podium Pass by earning XP in F1 2020‘s various game modes.
  • Players can buy the VIP upgrade to unlock even more cosmetics through the VIP Podium Pass.
  • Each season’s VIP Podium Pass will contain enough currency to unlock the next season’s VIP pass.
  • Players who pre-order F1 2020 will receive enough currency to unlock the Season One VIP pass.

The trailer shows daily and weekly challenges as well, some of which require VIP to access and complete.

If you need more reasons to look forward to F1 2020, you can find our review of F1 2019 here. F1 2020 is scheduled to release on July 10th for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia.

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