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Skater XL Out Now For PS4, Xbox One, PC

Skater XL

After some delay, Easy Day Studios’ entry into the skating game genre, Skater XL, leaves Early Access and launches version 1.0.

The game’s official release is accompanied by a launch trailer, which highlights praise by members of the skate game community.

Skater XL is the latest game in what they call the “rebirth of the skate game genre.” There is a definite void in the skate game genre, left behind by a lack both of Skate 4 and of good Tony Hawk games. Skater XL leans more towards the simulation skate genre, with full physics-based controls. Each thumbstick controls the skater’s corresponding foot, which is even more intense than Skate 3’s simulation controls. With dual thumbstick controls, Easy Day Studios promises the player complete freedom over their play style.

Skater XL features levels inspired by real-world skate areas; their DTLA Map features landmarks around the Staples & LA Convention Centers, Easy Day High School is reminiscent of early Tony Hawk Pro Skater levels and the iconic skate spots that inspired them. The game also features the ‘Big Ramp,’ which, well. I’ll let your imagination handle this one.

The game accompanies their robust character creator with a handful of playable Pros. If you don’t wanna be you, why not be Tiago Lemos, Brandon Westgate, Evan Smith, or Tom Asta? As far as the soundtrack for the game is concerned, that features bands like Modest Mouse, Getter, Interpol, Animal Collective, and Band of Horses.

Skater XL is now available on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC for $39.99.

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