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FIFA 19 Shooting Tutorial: Mastering The Low Driven

FIFA 19 features a variety of ways to score goals. Thanks to New York Red Bulls pro FIFA player and renown gaming community content creator, Mike Labelle, you can improve your FIFA 19 shooting ability by mastering several types of shots.

FIFA 19 Mastering The Low Driven Shot

What’s New

It’s important to note the button mapping for the Low Driven has been changd. In previous versions of FIFA, double tapping B would execute a Low Driven shot. With the new Timed Finishing using that configuration, Low Driven shots are now executed by pressing LB+RB+B. If that sounds complicated, you’re right. Not only must FIFA players unlearn muscle memory from past games, but the new button combination is incredibly unnatural and really disrupts the flow of the attacks. The new configuration also means that the Low Driven finesse shot is no longer in the game. It is nearly physically impossible to execute with the new controls.

Knowing Your Angles

Like past games, finishing is all about analyzing angles and calculating which shot will ensure your highest chance of success. The Low Driven shot is only effective when the goalkeeper is leaving a lot of space open to either side. If a keeper chargers closing down the angle, attempting a Low Driven shot will likely result in a leg save. In those scenarios you are better off either attempting a finesse shot or a simple power shot.

When it comes to executing a Low Driven shot, don’t overclock your angle. The left stick is key to directing shots. Overcompensating for the angle will cause it almost certainly go wide. Especially, since FIFA 19 seems to rely more on manual control in both attacking and defending situations. When it comes to power, 2-3 bars is ideal. Although, you may be able to get away with around 1.5 bars if you’re close to the goal. It’s important to make your decision-making become as instinctive when deciding shots. Overthinking can lead to wasted opportunities. Ultimately, the Low Driven shot still has a deserved place in your FIFA 19 arsenal; however the new button combination and increased manual attention of the game itself makes it a lot less effective.

If you can master these shots, you will already be in a class of FIFA players well above the average gamer. Most casual players only use the regular shot. So, knowing different types of shots and the situations in which they can be used most effectively will make you a much better player. Be sure to continue practice playing and analyzing gameplay.

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