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FIFA 20 EA Play Notes: Additions and Improvements

EA Play has given us a first-hand look at what will be changing in FIFA 20, as lead developer Sam Rivera has gone over what will be coming to this year’s game

FIFA 20 EA Play Notes

At FIFA 20‘s EA Play presentation, Sam Rivera spoke with Alex Mendez about what will be coming to this year’s game.

First, he touted that the community has played a large role in what changes they made to the FIFA franchise. The development team has listened to feedback from players, and have implemented changes according to what the community wants.

Rivera then spoke about how FIFA 20 will feature “football intelligence”, as the new system will have have an major effect as to how players play on the ball, off the ball, and how the ball itself will change.

When players possess the ball, Rivera emphasized that this year’s game will feature more 1-on-1’s and that players will be able to create more time and space on the pitch. Also, FIFA 20 will challenge players to be more engaged, as they will have less support from the AI and will have to rely on their own ability more often.

There will also be a new ball physics system, which was created to add more realism to the game. The developers have added “Football Informed Motion”, which will add more realistic spins and bounces to the ball. In addition, new shot trajectories, such as realistic rising and dipping shots, have been created.

FIFA 20 will also see the implementation of “Decisive Moments” which will give players “more control over the moments that determine the outcome of a match.” Part of this includes composed finishing, which will give players more consistent finishing, especially in 1-on-1’s against goalkeepers. Strafe dribbling will allow players to more effectively dribble, as players can move faster with the ball and can lure opposing players in more effectively. A new penalty and free kick system has been added, and new tackling animations have been implemented as well.

For more information on FIFA 20, check out this article from EA on the changes made to this year’s game. FIFA 20 has a release date of September 27.

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