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FIFA 21, VOLTA Soundtrack Revealed

We’ve got our first look at the music of FIFA 21, and it’s not just one soundtrack. EA Sports revealed not one, but two track listings for this year’s FIFA game. One soundtrack for FIFA 21 proper, and a second for FIFA 21’s VOLTA football mode.

FIFA 21 Soundtrack

The official FIFA 21 soundtrack has 36 tracks. The majority of the tracks here are pretty laid-back, but there’s a decent variety. Nnena’s Work it Out serves to break up the more relaxed vibe of tracks like Biig Piig’s Don’t Turn Around and LA Priest’s Beginning. If I’ve picked up anything from playing PES 2021, it’s that a good simulation soccer soundtrack should sound a bit like being in a trendy second-hand boutique. The FIFA 21 soundtrack features better songs but hits that same vibe.

FIFA 21’s VOLTA football sports a hefty 54 song soundtrack. There’s some overlap with the main FIFA 21 soundtrack, but the VOLTA soundtrack is more upbeat. According to EA’s website, the VOLTA FOOTBALL Soundtrack drives street action with the latest and greatest in grime, electronic and hip-hop.” The VOLTA soundtrack does have an Idris Elba track on it, featuring Kah-Lo, and it absolutely rips. It also features Mac Miller, Bree Runway, Charli XCX, and more.

Together, FIFA 21 is bringing over 100 artists representing 23 countries on to this year’s soundtrack. If your favorite bops are all part of the VOLTA soundtrack, you don’t have to worry about them being locked behind the VOLTA game mode. You’ll be able to listen to the VOLTA soundtrack in all of FIFA 21’s game modes.

Some artists will get kits featured in FIFA Ultimate Team. So far, the EA Sports Twitter account has revealed kits for Santan Dave and Anitta. If you want a taste of the full soundtrack before release, you can listen to both FIFA 21 soundtracks right now on Spotify.

How does this year’s FIFA soundtrack stack up against previous years? Join our Forums and let other FIFA fans know. The best way to make sure you don’t miss FIFA 21 news, like more details on career mode, is to follow SportsGamersOnline on Twitter and Facebook.

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