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FIFA 22 Pro Clubs Wishlist – Ways It Can Improve

Pro Clubs is one of FIFA’s most popular game modes. Creating a pro, picking a position, and dominating divisions with your friends is what many fans look forward to with every new entry of FIFA, and FIFA 22 will be no different. Unfortunately, this mode doesn’t get the same attention as Ultimate Team. This leaves Pro Clubs with small improvements that have hardly changed the mode since its debut in 2009.

In FIFA 21, Pro Clubs has seen improvements like AI customization and customizable tactics. While these improvements are welcomed, there are many more improvements that EA could add to Pro Clubs in FIFA 22.

What is happening sports gamers? I am Curtis the SGO footy guru, and these are ways EA can improve Pro Clubs in FIFA 22.


My goodness the AI in Pro Clubs is just awful. From the constant near post goals, the failure to track the easiest of runs, and making some of the most atrocious passes in the game. This makes the mode more frustrating with every new title. These AI players are supposed to simulate pro footballers but play like this is the first time they’ve stepped foot on a pitch.

AI improvements need to consist of better positioning and the understanding of picking up the runners. This makes players known as “pace abusers”, sprint through your defenses without being guarded. This creates easy opportunities for over-head through balls and leads to opposition players one-on-one with your goalkeeper.

The clubs that play with two, or three players will appreciate a massive improvement to AI players.


Far too often we see the blue-haired, 5’4 pace merchant build in Pro Clubs. This is because the build is overpowered and requires no skill to master. There needs to be more sacrifices for creating a player that is short, like in Volta.

This will give players more incentive to create different builds and make unique players. I have always wanted to make a 224-pound beast like Adebayo Akinfenwa, or a tall finisher like Zlatan Ibrahimović. While I can create players like those two, the pace you gain making a shorter player outweighs the build options at your disposal.


Over the years Electronic Arts has added a fair amount of customization options for your club. In FIFA 17, custom crest and kits were introduced and have received new additions with every new FIFA. I would love to see that continue but, with the addition of alternate kits to your team.

AI customization should stay relatively the same, and custom tactics should have the addition of moveable positions like in Career Mode.


Within the Pro Clubs menu there is options to match up with teams that have the same amount of user players as you. This feature does not work properly. Trust me, being in division two with only two user players against eight! Can lead to a 5-1 spanking. This feature just needs to be stricter about how many users are in the lobby.

Lastly, matchmaking with team in a higher division needs to be fixed. Having to play against a team that is two divisions ahead of you is unfair because the AI is better.

What do you guys want to see improved in FIFA 22’s Pro Clubs mode? Let us know in the comments and stick around with Sports Gamers Online for more FIFA content.

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