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FIFA 22 Receives Massive First Title Update

FIFA 22‘s launch has been very decent, welcoming over 9.1 million players to the virtual pitch. In addition to the massive player base, FIFA 22 has received some decent review scores compared to last year’s title. Now that it has launched globally, FIFA 22 is receiving its first massive title update, welcoming changes to gameplay, career mode, and more. You can check out some of the more notable changes from EA’s long list below:

FIFA 22 Title Update

Here are some of the few significant updates that are now in FIFA 22. For the complete list of changes, you can check them out on the EA forums here.


  • Reduced the effectiveness of goalkeepers when diving for top corner shots taken from inside of the penalty box.
    • This change specifically applies to shots taken within 37 feet/11.27 meters of the goalkeeper.
  • Added goalkeeper animations that could occur when a keeper is attempting to save a high finesse shot.
    • This change is intended to provide more authentic looking goalkeeper reactions and very slightly increases the effectiveness of goalkeepers saving this type of shot.

While goal-keeping has improved drastically this year, finesse shots are still very overpowered in the game. Far too often does a 30-yard finesse shot hit the back of the net most unrealistically. It has been the cause of frustration for many years with FIFA, but hopefully, these new improvements will change this. 

Career Mode

  • sometimes, Board Objectives were unintentionally conflicting with one another.
  • When simulating matches in Player Career, an unintentionally high amount of performance warnings could occur.

As we stated in our review for the game, we are pleased with the updates to career mode. These minor issues were just weird but quickly looked over. Nonetheless, it’s great to see that I won’t keep getting messages saying my manager isn’t “pleased” with my performance. 


  • Updated the defensive logic for players near the halfway line when defending a counter attack that originated from a corner situation.
    • Defenders near the halfway line will now attempt to more closely mark the counter attacking.

While I’m happy to see this finally receiving an update, taking corners still causes so many goals on the opposite end. In FIFA 22, counter-attacks from corners frequently happen in Pro Clubs. Hopefully, updating the AI’s logic on corners slows down the frequency of goals from counter-attack set pieces.

FIFA 22 will have more updates based on player-feed back in the future. You can read the complete list of changes on the EA forums and check out our review of FIFA 22 here.

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