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Madden 22 Scouting Guide: Regions and Hiring Tips

With the Madden 22 scouting update in full swing, everyone starting their franchises. Everyone is also figuring out how it all works and we have all the Madden 22 scouting tips you need.

As a reminder, to take advantage of the new scouting, you will need to restart your franchise. You have the choice to start or continue your franchise playing with legacy scouting now, which you can keep after the Title Update, or restart to unlock the new feature.

Madden 22 Scouting: Regions and Hiring

The scouts are broken into 5 regions: national, western, central, north east, and south east. Each region scout has two focus positions and the scouts are ranked from tier one(lowest) – three(highest). Mastering scouting begins with understanding the strengths each scout has and it starts with your National scout.

Mastering Regions

As mentioned there are 5 regions, which means you need 5 scouts. It all begins with the national scout, who is responsible for prospects all across the nation. When it comes to this scout you want a tier 3, with a focus position of your biggest need. So let’s say you’re in a franchise as the Steelers, you would want to find a tier 3 with a quarterback focus. This allows for your best scout, with the most broad region, to scout the whole nation for your biggest need.

After the national scout, the rest of the scouts have the same importance. When deciding on your scout assignments, you’re gonna want as many tier three’s as possible, but having a tier two won’t be the end of the world. Then you hire scouts with a focus on your next four biggest needs and assign them to the regions with the highest talent of that position. You figure out where to place your scouts from the prospects screen and by simply looking at their colleges. If you have a cornerback need and 4 of the top 10 corners are on the west coast, you assign the cornerback focused scout to the western region.

You continue this trend with the rest of your scouts.

Scout Hiring

Briefly mentioned above is the importance of scout placement. To go right along side in importance is the tier of your scout, which is the talent of your scout. On the scout hiring screen you will see a list of scouts and their skills. On this screen it shows tiers, focus positions and their region. You can sort by tier and look for specific scouts with specific expertise’s to fill out your scouts accordingly.

As mentioned above, setting up your scouts based on expertise and tier gives you the best chance at scouting success. Viewing your prospects and regional breakdowns give you all the Intel needed for assigning scouts. The process of hiring scouts is a fairly quick one, but it’s maybe the most important. Maximizing your scouts knowledge and expertise pairing gives you a leg up on other teams from day one.

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