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FIFA 23 is Set to be Announced at EA’s Digital Event

I hope you guys are enjoying the rush of Madden 23 news we have here on Sports Gamers Online. But, switching from football to futbol, FIFA 23 is set to be announced at EA’s digital event on June 9. 

FIFA 23 is a significant football because it is the last game in the long-running FIFA series. It will be interesting to see how Electronic Arts chooses to celebrate or acknowledge its split from the football governing body (FIFA). Last month Electronic Arts officially announced that it will no longer occupy the FIFA licenses and will be moving forward under the name EA Sports FC. Over the previous year, EA has insisted that it could produce a lucrative football title without FIFA’s licensing agreement.

Electronic Arts will still maintain rights to many clubs, stadiums, and players due to its agreement with FIFPro. In my opinion, the EA Sports FC era will be a chance for Electronic Arts to rebuild a football game in a new direction. However, that’s for next year. Check out everything we know about FIFA 23 so far below.

Please note that these are rumors and we will know more about FIFA 23 on June 9.

FIFA 23 Rumors and News

Hypermotion Upgrade

Hypermotion technology was the base of FIFA 22‘s gameplay on next-gen consoles. According to an article by Tom Henderson, electronic Arts are looking to expand on Hypermotion tech tenfold. The technology upgrade will allow the American publisher to capture animation footage from real football matches. This improvement is possible by using stadium cameras and eliminating motion capture suits.

FIFA 22 cross-play, now in purple.

FIFA 23 to feature Cross-Play

Last month, EA announced that a cross-play beta would be coming to FIFA 22 soon. This is a quality insurance test that will lessen the issues for cross-play coming to FIFA 23. Keep on the lookout for the cross-play test on FIFA 22, as you will get a prompt on your screen to try it out very soon. 

Women in FIFA 

The Women’s World Cup is gearing up to feature in the FIFA series for the first time. Women were introduced to the series back on FIFA 16; last year’s game went further and introduced women to FIFA 22‘s Pro Clubs mode. Lastly, according to Tom’s article, official women’s leagues will be in the game, which leads to the possibility of playing career mode with a women’s team or as a female player.

Are you excited for FIFA 23, will you be watching EA’s Digital Event on June 9? Let us know in the comments.

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Looking forward to the arrival of FIFA 23, I hope the game can bring more exciting content.