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UFC 3: Becoming The G.O.A.T


Combat sports have evolved in a variety ways. The need to stand out has become imperative to success. EA’s upcoming UFC 3 looks to portray just that in the new G.O.A.T. career mode.

Becoming The G.O.A.T in UFC 3

In UFC 3, you’ll have to manage not just your physically abilities but you’ll need to promote them as well. The choices you make outside the octagon will have just as much impact as what you do on the inside.

Earn the Right to Fight

Like most combat sports games, you don’t start in the big leagues. World Fighting Alliance is your first stop on your way to becoming the greatest of all time. How you perform in WFA will determine your path to the UFC. If you manage to make an impression on Dana White early and you’ll quickly find yourself in the UFC. Otherwise, you will have to spend more time in the WFA or make an appearance on The Ultimate Fighter. All the while you will be making decision and honing your skills to make it to the octagon.

EA also revealed some objective based gameplay for the UFC 3  career mode. After signing your first UFC contract, your ability to accomplish objectives  determines the quality of your next contract. The better contracts you obtain means more cash. More cash lets you unlock better training gyms allowing for further development of fighters.

Currently, there are 8 unique training gyms. Each has its own fighting discipline specializations and roster of real UFC trainers. Choose wisely as each has its own unique moves and perks for you to unlock. In addition, gym loyalty will grant you rewards. However, to truly become the greatest of all, you may find that change is necessary.

Earn Respect or Ire

On your path to becoming the greatest in UFC 3, there will be several aspects of your career to manage. In addition to training, fighters will need to promote themselves in a variety of ways to increase popularity. Achieving a proper balance is vital to success. Too much promoting leaves you vulnerable to a beatdown. however, too little promoting makes for a victory no one cares about.

As you progress, new ways to promote yourself will become available to you. Some will be something of a forced option as it comes with being a star. Either way, each opportunity helps you gain fan, popularity while producing hype for the next bout.

In UFC 3, you will not be the only one looking to make a name for themselves. Keep an eye for them as they will be calling you out via the new social media systems. This new system will affect your popularity and hype based on the response you give.

Earn the Title Greatest Of All Time

The biggest moments of your fighter’s career will be told through cinematics. The game will also feature authentic UFC coverage media like the UFC Minute hosted by Megan Olivi. Furthermore, you’ll see the best of the outside experience with PPV promo packages and press conferences. This includes classic weigh-ins between you and your rivals.

From the moment you begin your career in UFC 3, every decision you’re given will work to shape the direction of your career.

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