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The Wrestling Code Announces Return of Muhammad Hassan

The Wrestling Code has revealed its latest wrestler for the game’s roster as former WWE superstar Muhammad Hassan will be a playable character in the new game.

Known now simply as Hassan, the wrestling veteran makes his return after 16 years. As part of the announcement, developer Virtual Basement released a video showcasing Hassan’s in-game model as well as a look at the game’s promo engine and Hassan’s finisher. The game remains in an Alpha stage, but you can check out the game’s progress above.

Hassan hasn’t been seen on a national wrestling scale since leaving the WWE in 2005. During his short stint with the company, he was built up as one of the company’s biggest heel personas. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the storylines he was involved in, he was ultimately written off TV before being released. Now, 16 years later, Hassan is back to right the wrongs that were done to him.

Virtual Basement The Wrestling Code

The Wrestling Code is currently in development, and features past and present stars from the world of professional wrestling. Though no release date has been announced, the game is expected to be available on console and PC when it becomes available.

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