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WWE 2K18 Early Access DLC Missing FIX

WWE 2K18 DLC Fix

WWE 2K18 became available via early access for pre-ordered copies on October 13. This includes the deluxe and collector’s edition for consoles. Unfortunately, PC versions of WWE 2K18 did not include early access.

If you’ve been playing the game, some of you may have noticed the lack of exclusive DLC. The missing downloadable content may include the bonus Kurt Angle pack and the John Cena pack. That’s a total of six potentially missing characters. Do not worry, Sports Gamers Online has the fix for you.

WWE 2K18 Early Access DLC Missing FIX

If you haven’t already, be sure to check the in-game store before applying this fix. Your content may be available there. If not, continue reading below.

As you will notice, the extra DLC will not be viewable from the MANAGE GAME (Xbox) or store page (PS4). If this is the case, to get your content, simply use the manual search in the platform’s store to find the item.

For the Kurt Angle pack, search Kurt Angle and hit enter or search.

For the John Cena pack, simply search John Cena.

Please note, the packs will not show up as you’re typing. You’ll have to fully type and complete the search so that the store finds exactly what you’re looking for. From there, just select install. Slightly inconvenient task for worthwhile content.

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