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WWE 2K19 Introduces New 2K Towers Mode

WWE 2K19

2K brings a little bit of arcade nostalgia with their latest mode in WWE 2K19. It was announced that “Tower Mode” is coming to the upcoming WWE game. Remember hanging out in the arcade and pumping tons of quarters into Mortal Kombat as you went up the tower to fight harder and harder enemies? Well, we do and apparently, so does 2K.

WWE 2K19 Tower Mode

According to 2K Games, each tower is going to have their own unique theme that will be curated and populated with WWE Superstars, Legends, and NXT Superstars. You’ll be able to select anyone on the roster or your MyPlayer and jump into these towers.

There are two types of towers: gauntlet and steps.

Gauntlet will require the player to complete the Gauntlet Tower in one play session. There will be no save points available and quitting early or losing will reset your progress to zero.

Steps will allow you to take on WWE Superstars, Legends and/or NXT Superstars at your own pace. You’ll be able to stop in between completed matches, save your progress and re-visit the tower at a later date.

wwe 2k19 tower mode
Via WWE 2K19

Tower Rules, Matches, etc.

Every tower will have a different goal. Some of them will just be completing the tower while others will include challenges like reaching a specific score. There will also be stipulations added that will provide either relief or be a hindrance to the player. These stipulations could provide a buff for the player or the tower opponents, start matches with a finisher already stored or even something as crazy as starting the match in red health.

There’s no limit to what type of goals and stipulations you could receive.

Match types will also vary in these towers. Normal one-on-one matches aren’t going to be the only type you could face. It seems that all match types are unlocked and could sporadically pop up during your tower run. 2K has touted steel cage matches, iron man matches and more.

The Towers Themselves

As I stated earlier, you’ll choose your WWE Superstar and jump into a themed tower. These towers could showcase a certain roster (meaning you could potentially do an NXT themed tower, etc.) or they could focus on a certain match type.

Example of a Legend’s tower

There is also the “Legends Lore” tower, which will highlight the history and accomplishments of the WWE Legends featured in WWE 2K19. I’m excited at the prospect of an Ultimate Warrior Legends Lore tower.

MyPlayer Tower

MyPlayer towers will allow you to use your MyPlayer and battle through unique towers. New towers will appear for players to take on. There will also be a weekly tower that will be available.

You’ll be able to earn stars for these towers which will count towards all PPV event and Road to Glory qualifications. There will also be PPV Towers active alongside the WWE PPV schedule. MyPlayers will have to meet a certain star requirement to join the tower, but completing them will unlock exclusive Superstar Parts!

AJ Styles Million Dollar Tower and 2K Million Dollar Challenge

The Phenomenal One and WWE 2K19 cover superstar, AJ Styles, is getting his own specialty tower named the “AJ Styles Million Dollar Tower”. This Tower seems to be a battering ram for anyone who wants to take it on. The tower is going to be stocked with WWE 2K19‘s best Superstars with the difficulty pumped up the maximum. Your superstar’s health won’t regenerate between matches either.

2K has touted that those who make it through the tower will be rewarded handsomely.

2K also revealed the 2K Million Dollar Challenge. You’ll be able to participate in this by doing three things:

  1. Beat AJ Styles Million Dollar Tower in WWE 2K19 on Xbox One or Playstation 4 (sorry PC players).
  2. Cut a promo, yes, cut a promo on why you have what it takes to beat AJ Styles in WWE 2K19. The video must include visual proof of the completed AJ Styles Million Dollar Tower screen as well.
  3. Visit and submit your video.

Four finalists will be flown to Wrestlemania 35 weekend and face off against one another in a WWE 2K19 tournament. The winner of that tournament will then face the man himself, AJ Styles, one-on-one for a shot at one million dollars.

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