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WWE 2K20 Becoming More Unplayable at the Start of the New Decade

WWE 2K20 2020

For many, today is a time for new goals and aspirations for the upcoming year. However, it seems WWE 2K20 is planning on doing the opposite by simply insisting on returning to an unplayable state.

WWE 2K20 Refuses to Run in 2020

A slow, but steady, trend of reports surfaced on Twitter and other social media outlets claiming WWE 2K20 refuses to work. Of course, the game something of a wreck since launch. Even so, most modes were largely playable, albeit flawed or lacking in visual quality. As of the dawning of this new decade, this is no longer the case.

As the tweet suggests, loading past the main menu is proving fatal for anyone looking to bring in the new year with WWE 2K20. While the post shows this occurring on Xbox One, users in the comments confirmed this is happening on PlayStation 4 as well. Additionally, I have tested and confirmed the same occurrences for PC players.

If you like exhibition or WWE Universe Mode, you are in luck if your on PC as those modes seem to work relatively fine. Everything else, from Creation Suite modes to 2K Towers and 2K Originals content, seems to lead to a fatal error, crashing the game completely. After a scathing review back in October, I hoped to take a second look at the game and see how far it has come after several patches and additional content releases. As of now, it does not look promising.

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