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WWE 2K20 MyCareer Blends the Line of Professional Wrestling

WWE 2K20 MyCareer Trailer

Being a fan of professional wrestling requires a willingness to suspend one’s disbelief. Some companies bank on this notion, fully embracing the wackiness of professional wrestling while others opt for a more sports centered approach. Both forms are valid, but MyCareer in WWE 2K20 looks to meet somewhere in the middle.

WWE 2K20 Official MyCareer Trailer

As seen in the trailer above, MyCareer opts to showcase the realistic and fantasy side of wrestling. Like recent NBA 2K games, it presents itself in cinematic format. Nonetheless, career mode looks promising.

MyCareer Features:

  • Play both male and female storylines and matches, occasionally teaming together with the all-new Mixed Tag match feature.
  • Unlock WWE Legends, Career specific Superstar attires, original characters and unique environments like “Hell’s Colosseum” and a special New Day themed arena.
  • At one point, Red and Tre cross through an interdimensional portal to try to find the Undertaker who hasn’t been seen in years, encountering various surprises along the way.
  • MyCAREER is fully voiced again, this year featuring performances from nearly over 40 WWE Superstars, NXT Superstars and legends in addition to over 15 original voiced roles. Interact with newly-voiced Superstars such as Ronda Rousey, The New Day, Becky Lynch, Adam Cole, Velveteen Dream, The IIconics, Samoa Joe and more.
  • Track Red and Tre’s career progress with “The List” – as teenagers Red and Tre write down all the goals they’d like to someday achieve, which later becomes their road map to success. Can you cross off their final list item and get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?
  • Branching storylines that affect what you see and what matches you play
  • Podcasts are back this year, including “The Buzz and Cole Show” featuring the return of Buzz and Cole Quinn

Gameplay Specs:

  • 18 chapters
  • Approximately 100 total matches
  • 2,700+ lines of dialogue
  • 900+ lines of new commentary unique to MyCAREER matches and cutscenes
  • Over 270 cutscenes
  • Around 20 hours of total play-through time
  • 34 career goals on Red and Tre’s List
  • 1 bionic arm

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