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WWE 2K22 Leaks – 2K Reactions and 2K NextMakers Being Told Not to Talk

The last few days have, admittedly, not been the greatest for the marketing department of WWE 2K22. Late Saturday night, information was revealed regarding the game’s release date along with its cover superstar and preorder bonus. Then, just a short time later, more WWE 2K22 leaks happened that gave information about the game’s DLC plans, 2K Showcase plans, and more.

This had many fans wondering what was going on, and if information about the game was going to be confirmed sooner rather than later.

Is 2K Doing Damage Control?

After the leaks started to appear, we immediately started to reach out to sources with 2K to find out what could’ve happened that caused this. After talking to a few people close to the game, things aren’t as calm internally as they appear on the outside.

According to multiple sources, the WWE games team within 2K Sports is “furious” at the news being made public. The source of the WWE 2K22 leaks is apparently a European retailer that hit the publish button sooner than allowed.

With the news making the rounds, the official social media accounts for the game started to post again. Whether it was preplanned postings or not, it’s unclear, but it’s certainly coincidental at the very least. The company has even confirmed that news will be coming regarding the game on Thursday, January 20.

One thing that isn’t coincidental is the lack of coverage by a number of content creators that normally might be all over this type of information. And that’s apparently for a reason.

Sources tell SGO that members of the 2K NextMakers program are being told not to cover the leaks making the rounds. Any coverage of it risks being removed from the program. I’ve reached out to five different 2K NextMakers about this, though none have responded.

SGO has reached out multiple times to 2K Sports for official comment on the leaks and 2K NextMakers. Should a response be received, the story will be updated accordingly.

So, sports gamers, how do you feel WWE Games should handle the leaks? Let us know in the comment section below and take the discussion further at the official SGO Discord server.

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