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Authentic NCAA Schools Will Not Be Included in Maximum Football 2019

Major news on Maximum Football 2019 came out today, but it’s not good for NCAA football fans. Canuck GS announced that authentic NCAA teams and logos would not be implemented into this year’s game, citing legal concerns from the NCAA.

NCAA and Maximum Football 2019

On Twitter today, Canuck Play posted a letter informing gamers of the decision not to include authentic teams and logos in Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2019. The developers wrote that while many of the Canadian schools were excited to be featured in the game, some schools declined due to the legal issues the NCAA has encountered with video games. After what Canuck GS said were “constructive conversations” with U Sport (Canadian college football), the development team did not include any Canadian schools, as the option to add both real and fictional teams to the game did not make much sense.

Canuck GS also wrote that authentic NCAA teams would not be added to the game. The developers wrote that they had numerous discussions to work out a licensing agreement, but the NCAA felt that there would be too much of a legal risk.

The reason for concern was that the NCAA did not want Maximum Football to include realistic face and body models for the football players. Canuck GS assured them that this wouldn’t be an issue, as the development team would randomize the models to make sure that there was no resemblance between real college players and the ones featured in the game.

However, this was not the answer the NCAA was looking for, as they were concerned that the game could be edited and include authentic player models. The NCAA also required that they be the sole licensor of the title, the title be restricted to one rule set, and that all customization features would need to be removed. Canuck GS did not want to remove any of the customization features, as doing that would be “the opposite of what Maximum Football is all about.”

Maximum Football 2019 will still feature over 100 college football teams, along with playoff formats and bowl games, but all teams will be fictional.

You can read the full letter down below:

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Game is awful ill stick to nfl2k5 and ncaa 14

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I’ll still buy it

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