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PES 2019: Playstation Replaces Pro Evolution Soccer on PS Plus

PES 2019

We reported a couple of weeks ago that PES 2019 would be one of the games made available on the Playstation Plus platform this month. However, a last minute change altered those plans, and PES did not make to PS Plus.

PES on PS Plus

Instead of PES 2019, Playstation added Detroit: Become Human along with Horizon Chase Turbo to the Playstation Plus platform this month. Konami said that this last-minute change was a Sony decision. In a statement to Gamespot, Konami stated, “This decision was made by Sony and so please make an inquiry to Sony.”

In response to the move, Sony did offer an apology for those who were looking to check out the game. Sony told Eurogamer and Gamespot in a statement that they apologized to gamers for the “inconvenience ” of pulling the game so late.

However, Sony did not disclose to either site as to why the decision was made to pull PES 2019.

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