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eSports Boxing Club: Everything We Know So Far

eSports Boxing Club: Everything We Know So Far

It’s been 10 long years since the last boxing game was released. Since the first reveal of eSports Boxing Club, fans have been longing for something to quell that Fight Night itch. Steel City Interactive wants to deliver a scintillating boxing game experience for old and new fans. Here is everything we know about ESBC so far.

eSports Boxing Club & everything we know so far


There is limited information about Steel City Interactive media other than where it is based. However, Ten24 media has worked on games like Alien Isolation and Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding. The developers are looking to create and revolutionize boxing games as we know them.

Packed roster

ESBC’s roster is packed with legends and current fighters. It has well over 200 fighters scanned and sculpted by Ten24 studios. The pound-for-pound best Canelo Alvarez was recently added to the star-studded roster. It is expected the roster will only continue to grow from here. The game features cutmen, coaches, and promoters. Most recently, ESBC announced “The Gypsy King” Tyson Fury as a playable fighter. In addition, this is the first game to include female boxers. 

Some of these boxers include:

  • Canelo Alvarez
  • Clarrisa Shields
  • Roy Jones Jr.
  • Vasyl Lomanchenko
  • Muhammad Ali
Canelo Alvarez added to ESBC

Your Career, Your Rules

The career mode is deep and detailed. It gives players the ability to customize every facet of their careers. Physical appearance, coaches, judges, promoters, and cutmen, give players the ability to create the career they want. Similar to the roster, the list of coaches and cutmen will continue to grow as well. Floyd Mayweather Sr and Jeff Mayweather have joined the roster as well.

The stat system in ESBC gives players a never-before-seen experience. Gaining and losing stats will mostly be menu-based. However, ESBC introduced the new Story Mode hub, to help tie stats and gameplay together.

The Career Hub allows players to:

  • Move around the gym you train at in a third-person view.
  • Interact with your trainer to schedule sparring and training.
  • Check the rankings across the boxing world.
  • Change equipment and attire for your next fight.
  • Skill traits allow players to have different movesets.
  • Different gyms can give you different moves.
  • Weight, injuries, and late notice fights can alter careers negatively or positively.
  • A retirement system will allow players to end their careers on their own terms.

eSports Boxing Club

Next-Gen Realism

Next-gen footwork is a point of emphasis in ESBC. The team consulted boxers around the world to deliver the most authentic experience yet. Players can emulate the finesse of Sugar Ray Leonard or the lightning-quick style of Amir Khan.

ESBC offers the ability to switch between a tight or loose style of boxing. This allows players to share a bit of personality in matches. By letting players swap seamlessly between styles, the team hopes to add another layer to combat in eSports Boxing Club.

Realism plays an important part in the game. Venues and fighters resemble their real-life counterparts. 

eSports Boxing Club

The Game of Inches

Combat sports is a game of inches. The slip system adds a deeper layer to the game. Every slip, sway, and weave gives players multiple avenues to defeat their opponent. However, one moment of vulnerability can be a game-changer. Players have to share the mind of defensive-minded boxers to be effective. Even if you have a wounded boxer, one perfectly placed haymaker changes everything.

Each boxer will have 42 punches at their disposal. The team wanted to ensure any fighter could throw any punch, at any angle and have at least two punches to combo into. Flash knockdowns and one-punch knockouts are implemented in the game. As a result, players must be mindful of being too offensive. Even the ESBC AI will adjust to your style and tendencies.

Here are two things EBSC hones in on:

  • Shake/Flashes – Whilst some gamers prefer having effects appear in-game that makes for a more intense experience, we realize this isn’t for everyone. This is why there will be custom options for players to disable these aspects, giving you more control over your experience.
  • Combat/Punches – Our combat mechanics have gone through various upgrades since the first movement trailer was launched in November of last year. We want you to know we’re continuing to work on all aspects of punches and combinations and will continue to do so until they meet our standards.

eSports Boxing Club

From Early Access to Launch

ESBC had a tentative release schedule of Summer 2021 early access to a full launch in Winter 2021. However, that is no longer the case. ESBC announced early access is canceled. Recent investments the game has received have allowed the team to fine-tune the game.

The next announcement of a release will not be early access but a complete launch date. Once the release date is announced, ESBC aims to launch on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S.

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