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FIFA 16 Team of the Week 23

FIFA Team of the Week 23

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team has just released Team of the Week 23, highlighted by 96 rated Suarez. The Team of the Week is rounded out by Coutinho, Barzagli, Casillas, and more. Overall, Team of the Week 23 is well above average and many of the players here are to be desired.

Now the rundown of Team of the Week 23’s starting eleven from goalkeeper to striker:

Goalkeeper: Casillas

Behind the posts we find 86 rated Casillas playing for FC Porto. He boasts an upgraded 90 diving and 91 reflexes, with very solid overall stats for a goalkeeper. He is a very solid goalkeeper and would round out any Spanish or Primeira Liga well. His first inform goes for about 55,000 across all platforms, so I would estimate this card to be worth around 100,000 on all Ultimate Team platforms.

Left Center Back: Olsson

Olsson is a slow but solid center back who plays for West Brom. This inform boosts his defense and physical stats to 80, and his passing to 70. He doesn’t have much use in a Barclays Premier League squad, because there are many options that are better and cheaper than him, but if you were creating a Swedish squad, Olsson would be your best bet. I would estimate his price right around the 10,000 threshold he would give you by quick selling him.

Center back: Barzagli

Certainly one of the higlights of Team of the Week 23, 85 rated Barzagli is upgraded to 90 defense and 80 physicality, and the rest of his stats are rounded out. He is one of the best options for a Serie A or Italy squad at center back. I could see him going for 20,000 or more across all FIFA 16 platforms.

Right Center Back: Djilobodji

This Werder Bremen defense-men boasts 73 pace, 80 defense, and 83 physicality after this upgrade. He would be a good addition to any Bundesliga squad, although not exactly a value pick. Similarly to Olssen, I would value him at around 10,000 across all platforms

Left Mid: Coutinho

Another highlight of Team of the Week 23 is Coutinho who boasts 80 or higher stats in 4 of the 6 categories. He is the optimal choice for most Barclays PL or Brazil squads with this upgrade. This 86 rated card could go for 500,000 and likely more on PC.

Left Center Mid: Tolisso

This french center mid is a very well rounded player with his lowest card stat being 73. He would make a very solid CM or CDM on any Ligue 1 or French squad. I would see him going for 10,000 on each platform’s Ultimate Team market.

Right Center Mid: Salah

Center Attacking Mid Salah now has 92 pace and 87 dribbling. If you use him I would reccommend putting him at CAM, and not CM or CDM. He is a flashy option for any Serie A squad. I would place him at around 40,000 across all platforms.

Right Mid: Pedro

84 rated Pedro  has 4 of his 6 stat categories shown on his card above 80, and is very well rounded player. With this inform his is viable on any Barclays PL squad, and is an option on any Spanish team. I could see him going for around 20,000 on each platform.

Center Attacking Mid: Immobile

Former Borussia Dortmund star now playing in his home country sees his dribbling increase to 80 and shooting increase to 84. Immobile is a very solid all around striker and would round out any Serie A or Italy squad. He should go for around 10,000 on all platforms.

Right Striker: Deeney

Barclays Premier League Striker Deeney is featured in Team of the Week 23. His 86 physicality and his 82 shooting stats are very impressive upgrades. He is not the choice striker of any Barclays Premier League squad, but he is certainly notable. He should go for 10,000 across all FUT platforms.

Left Striker: Suarez

By far the best and most valuable player in Team of the Week 23, Suarez gets his fifth upgrade of the season. 88 pace, 95 shooting, 91 passing, 95 dribbling and 91 physicality make Suarez arguably the best player in the game. He would make a Liga BBVA or a Uruguay squad noticeably better. His last inform went for about 2 million on consoles and about 3 million on PC, so I could easily see this card going for at least 3 million, and probably 4 on the PC version of FIFA 16.


Team of the Week 23 for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is a very good overall squad with many players seeing their second and third informs, and in Suarez’ case his fifth. This team of the week may even make packs worth it for that tiny chance of packing Suarez and the other high rated players. Until next week in FIFA 16.

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