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How Online Games Aim to Dominate the Future Gaming Market

Online casino games and esports have grown in stature, becoming one of many leading trends in online gaming. The two use the latest technological factors and cultural trends to offer fans a near complete gaming experience.

Additionally, both industries complement each other in certain ways, often sharing a love of competition and the experience of arcade-style games. For example, blackjack online has global renown and popularity. Other casino games, like poker and roulette, also have online representation. In addition to themed slots games, players can have casino-esque experiences no matter the location.

Like casino games, esports aim to bring the ideals of the real life counterpart to the virtual world. This means competition is paramount, and so are the rewards. Contests between players competing across consoles, mobile devices and PC see profits worth over a billion US dollars. With the advent of pro leagues like NBA 2K League, many expect this figure to continue to rise. Financial success and increasing demand are concepts esports share with the online casino markets.

There are key differences. Of course, online casinos offer an immersive take on casino games. The number of games available is practically unlimited, as developers come up with new ideas for games and updates. Esports focuses on the entertaining gaming exploits of professional players via popular franchises. Supporting, watching and wagering on the contests offer an exciting link between the players and the fans.

Pushing trends in technology

Online Gaming Casinos Esports
Cryptocurrencies are becoming more widely used in the gaming industry

In the past, a mention of online casinos and esports together would have been unusual. However, today the two entertainment forms are closer than ever. Much of this is down to the technological factors operating in both. The embracing of new technology such as blockchain, cryptocurrency and the latest data protection methods have secured the advancement of the two industries.


For example, blockchain tech offers secure and fast transactions both in online casinos and when betting on esports. Blockchain and crypto are rapidly growing technologies, albeit still have some ways to go. That said. even now many can see the influence it has on the two blending industries.

How does cryptocurrency figure?

Cryptocurrency is becoming a key piece in data technology storage and communication. In both esports and online casino industries, it offers an independent form of currency. It is independent of international banks, and its value depends on demand and usage. Additionally, crypto offers a wealth of benefits to players in online casinos. For one thing, their gameplay can be done completely anonymously, as no record of money spent will appear via a bank.

Another major advantage is that data can be permanently stored, improving the security of players’ accounts. It is also far easier and quicker to move money around. In the world of quickfire gaming, this is a seriously attractive option for avid players.

Esports, crypto and data

The world of esports has also opened up to the possibilities offered by cryptocurrency and blockchain. Many Promoters and organizations have seen the promise and value of digital currencies. Data giants, Newzoo and Nielsen, have recently partnered with eports companies to share and compile information. This is a sure sign of how important esports is to the gaming entertainment industry.

Online Gaming Casinos Esports

The partnerships between industry experts and analysts with esports allows the most technically advanced ways to set odds for contests. This will continue to make the competition as developed and competitive as it can be. Esports is also set to make the most of blockchain tech for future competitions. A new project using the bitcoin blockchain is expected to power esports fan experiences into the future.

Future of esports & online casinos

Many see Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) as being essential parts of the future of esports and online casinos. Live esports events use AR to create visually stimulating ways to describe the action. As a spectator event, esports makes use of rapidly changing visual dynamics with lots of information on screen at any one time.

AR can represent this fluidly, allowing spectators complete access to configure how and what they want to watch. The latest technological accessories, like AR glasses, offer a near perfect bridge between game and reality. For example, audience members tuning into the live event can virtually share the same arena space as live audience members. AR also offers all of the latest stats and information for players to make informed decisions about wagers or predictions on the competition.

Virtual reality is also set to make a bold case for the future of the gaming industry. Online casinos and esports companies are exploring the ideas behind VR to further their immersive scope. Players, venues, sites and creators are already purchasing VR equipment to channel their entertainment. As the technology becomes more affordable and powerful, we can expect many more to follow suit.

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