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NHL 16 Developer Q & A Part 3


It’s really great the developers are taking this opportunity to connect with the community and see what’s on our minds. Checkout the Q & A below!

Will you be able to edit players in GM Mode? After trades, goalies sometimes have terrible colour schemes for their equipment. Not to mention masks from other teams. Also when will we be able to resign players before the resign phase? I found that was the only unrealistic part of the game trading/signing wise. Thanks.

You will not have the ability to edit players in GM mode. We prioritized bringing back features like AHL Integration, Fantasy Draft and Sim Intervention back to Be A GM over this. This is something we will continue to look at. As for the resign phase Be A GM does not have contract extensions and contract signing/negotiations during the season at this moment. Our version of this is the resign phase in free agency which is a week before the July 1st free agency period that allows you to renegotiate with your own players before open free agency.

Will the custom camera modes return in NHL 16? (custom 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5)

Custom cameras are currently lower on our priority list. At the moment, we’re working on a new camera for Be A Pro, OTP and EASHL.

Why aren’t there authentic coaches in the NHL series, and why isn’t there an option to hire/fire coaches in be a gm mode?

Authentic coaches are definitely something that we’re looking at moving forward. The main reason that they’re not currently in the game is due to licensing. Hire/Fire coaches is a feature that we will continue to investigate.

Will we see defensive skill stick in NHL 16?

We will not be adding a new defensive skill stick in NHL 16 but what we are doing is ensuring that all defensive mechanics are tuned and balanced so that it’s fun to play every position on the ice. For example, Precision Skating will help you on the defensive side of the puck giving you the ability to close passing and shooting lanes more effectively.

Will you FINALLY have the correct goal horns for ALL teams? For the longest time, EA has used Detroit’s goal horn for Dallas’ goal horn.

We are doing our best this year to get the moments around goals for each team as authentic as possible. A big focus has gone into that area and we have definitely paid close attention to the fan sites dedicated to teams unique goal moment presentation.

Will there ever be the introduction of a skills competition into the NHL series? Years ago the ‘2K’ series had it and I found it was an exciting offline mode, that foreseeably would be able to incorporate online modes also.

We will never say ‘no’ to great feature ideas. We are always looking to add fun modes and features that are authentic to the NHL experience. We focused this year on the modes and features that were the most requested by the community with a prime focus on ensuring there was a way for everyone to play and will continue to do so.

Does the new EASHL still allow us to put XP into our players stats?

That’s a good question! In developing the new EASHL, we conducted a ton of research and really engaged with the fans. The feedback we got was that gameplay balance and a level playing field are of high importance. Because the previous EASHL allowed users to grow their pro characters’ attributes by investing time or money, EASHL players who started playing after launch or who didn’t purchase the boosts were often at a disadvantage. While we know it’s fun to boost your pro, it takes away from the goal of making EASHL the best way to compete as a team. With the new balanced player class system, EASHL players of all levels can play and succeed based on their skill on the sticks.

In EASHL will you be able to create and name your own teams so you can invite your friends? Also will you be able to customize your skaters attributes or will it be pre-set classes? Will there be leaderboards for the teams & skaters? I appreciate you guys taking the time to answer my questions.

Hi Lyle, thanks for your questions. EASHL is a team-based game mode where you can create/customize your own club and compete alongside your friends. New to EASHL in NHL 16 is the player class system where players can select from a set of carefully balanced skater and goalie classes. This is tuned in a way so that the strengths/weaknesses of each class are authentic to hockey. It’s up to you and your team on what combination of classes best suits your play style. As far as leaderboards go, there will be club and player stats available.

With couch coop online on Xbox one, will we be able to have multiple people per couch?

Hi Dallas. With online couch co-op (on both Xbox One and PS4), you and three other friends can play cooperatively in a head to head online match.

I just want plain old, regular Season Mode. Beginning to end, including playoffs and the cup. Please don’t skimp on the basics that built this franchise!

Season Mode with playoffs is in the game and you will be able to play in any of the 10 leagues in NHL 16.

Are the EASHL playoffs going to be monthly again?

The playoff feature as part of Online Seasons will be the same as the previous EASHL. We’re listening to our fans to determine what the right cadence of playoffs is.

Is there going to be a shootout mode in NHL 16?

Shootout mode is not in NHL 16, but it’s something we’re continuing to look into.

In be a GM, Will there be “expectations” like in NHL 14 where the owner told you have win this many games or make it to this round of playoffs. NHL 15 lack emotion in Be a GM.

Be A GM will not have expectations like NHL 14 but to bring out the emotion of being a real General Manager we will have the new Player Morale feature which will bring out the player interaction a real GM has to deal with in his dressing room.

Can you play in the european leagues in Be a Pro?

You will not be able to play in the European leagues in Be A Pro.

In BeAGM mode, will I be able to see my AHL/CHL players statistics?

We will have AHL integration in Be A GM. So you will be able to have statistics for your AHL players as well as be able to play games with your AHL team. We do not have statistics for CHL players in Be A GM.

Hello, I would like to ask why you can not play in GM mode for two teams at once. Thus, to be able to two players on two drivers play one season for the two teams. This feature should be the basis for a game console that is designed for multiple players in the home. The option will be in NHL 16? Thank you

We will have Season Mode in NHL 16 that will allow multiple users to play together thru one season as two separate teams.


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