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NHL 16 Q & A Part 7: EASHL

Here is the 7th installment of the developer Q & A for NHL 16 EA via their Ask EA NHL page. There are already some great questions and answers as well as some additional feature information on EASHL, Customization & More. Checkout the questions below.

What will playing games in EASHL get you since there is no more player growth?

While there is no player growth in EASHL players will still accumulate individual and team stats in Online Seasons games. This includes any Seasons titles and trophies. We are always looking for feedback on the type of player stats or progression system the community would like to see in the future.

Can you have customize jerseys in EASHL?

For EASHL in NHL 16, you will be able to select from any of the preset jerseys that are available within the game. Currently we do not have the feature to create your own custom jersey. Listening to the community, the most important part for customization was the individual player first so we started there focusing on additions that would also allow us to make our star players more authentic as well. We are definitely continuing to listen to what else people want to customize most and will continue to look at those options moving forward.

Since there is no player progression in EASHL, will there be any boosts that you can apply to your online pro?

Hi Shane, thanks for your question. In NHL 16, there is no way to boost ratings for your pro character. Everyone is on an even playing field.

Will the new AHL teams be in NHL 16?

All the moves and affiliation changes in the AHL will be in NHL 16.

Will we see the cannon for the Blue Jackets?

The cannon for the Columbus Blue Jackets is in the game and ready to go off when the Blue Jackets score.

Will there be updates with new sticks and equipment during the year as new stuff comes out?

We always work with the equipment manufacturers and NHL 16 already has a lot of new equipment for the upcoming season. We will continue working with the equipment makers to bring you the latest and greatest equipment if and when available.

Will you get alerts in GM Mode when a player is injured or will the game just automatically fix the lines?

If you would like to get alerts to when a player is injured on your team go to your settings and turn off the Assistant GM. You will then get alerts when a player is injured and be asked what your next move is for fixing the lines.

Will the fan attendance change each game? Like in nhl 15, it was a sellout every game no matter who was playing. Say the worse your team is performing, the more there are empty seats in the stands. And the better your team is playing, the more fans there are. If this is true, will this happen in all game modes?

In NHL 16 we have dynamic attendance based on how you play in a particular game. Expect to see fans leave early if they feel you are way out of a game. During a season however, they give you the benefit of the doubt and show up to see if you can turn that losing streak around in person.

Will you be fixing the AI ‘s hitting from behind? Seems the AI hit a lot from behind in NHL 15

If you are near the boards, the AI will try to pin you more than they will try to hit you. We also added conditions for when they choose to poke check vs stick lift. From behind, they will be more likely to look for stick lift opportunities when on the strong side of the puck. AI players will definitely nudge you from behind to try and move you off the puck but we have also added in stumbles where players will be able to shrug off hits that aren’t strong enough when they try to hit from behind at low relative speeds. A big enough player will be able to knock a smaller player right off the puck in these situations though.

Will create a player goalies have fully customizable equipment from the original creation screen? I saw another post where once you start a season or gm mode they are not. But I’m more curious about the initial creation.

Yes, when you create a goalie in NHL 16 you will be able to select from any of the equipment in game and have the ability to recolor it as well.

Hello EA. I’m wondering if steps have been taken to make the cycling game a more viable strategy with AI teammates. In previous iterations of the game, cycling has been incredibly hard to execute unless you only play with other players.

It depends what strategy you set your team to play. A big part of cycling the puck is putting the puck where the player currently isn’t so that you can keep momentum going. I suggest using the manual saucer pass into/along the boards, I find that my AI teammates will skate onto the puck in those circumstances in the corners. That being said, we have done a lot of work on facing direction of your teammates and ensuring that your player turns into the direction you expect. We’ve also added stumbles into the equation for hitting/physics which allows players to bump off checks at low relative speeds. All of these things combined really help the cycle game overall.

Can we change colors on goalie pads?

Yes you can.

Will all players in NHL 16 have a variety in stick tapes? Ovechkin was the only one who had a different tape pattern in the trailer.

Yes! We’ve worked hard to ensure NHL players look as authentic as possible including how their sticks are taped. There’ll be a lot of variety when it comes to stick tape including multiple styles, unlimited coloring, shaft tape styles and also different knob styles.

Will female players be limited to the two or three generic heads in NHL 16 or will there be at least some level of customization? Even just the ability to change hair and skin color (as we were able to do with custom heads for male players in previous iterations of the game) would be welcome.

Female customization will once again be limited but we’re looking at ways to have a greater female presence in our games off the heals of FIFA’s big announcement this year.

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