Welcome to another edition of breaking down potential flashback cards for MLB The Show 16.  Today we focus on closers and relievers that I would like to see in the game.  I don’t necessarily believe these are the best 10, but these are the ones I’d like to see and use in the game!  I also believe some of them may pitch better than what their overall suggests. We will do this for each position, including position players! Enjoy!

Potential Flashback Relievers and Closers for MLB 16 The Show

10. 2006 Adam Wainwright – 86 overall 
9. 2013 Jason Grilli- 87 overall 
8. 2012 Jason Motte – 87 overall 
7. 2009 Luke Gregerson-84 overall 
6. 2009 Jonathan Broxton – 89 overall 
5. 2009 Huston Street- 90 overall  
4. 2011 Jonathan Papelbon 92 overall 
3. 2006 Joe Nathan-97 overall 
2. 2012 Fernando Rodney-97 overall 
1. 2013 Koji Uehara- 99 overall 

Keep in mind, some guys have already confirmed their retirement, so we had to leave guys like LaTroy Hawkins out. Let us know what other flashback cards you’d like to see for closers and relievers in MLB The Show 16!

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Derek is a 27 year old that has been a sports gaming enthusiast since his early age. He has played sports games since he was age 5, going from RBI Baseball on the NES to MVP Baseball 2005 on the Xbox and now to MLB The Show on PS3/PS4. He plays MLB The Show competitively and has been ranked in the top 10 the past three years, as well as winning multiple challenges of the week. Derek strides to play sim, innovative, and implement real life baseball tactics that you see in the game today. He is also a huge St. Louis Cardinals and Miami Dolphins fan.