Now that we know San Diego Studios is introducing Flashback players for Diamond Dynasty, we can now speculate and have some fun with it. I picked 10 potential flashback players, starting with start pitchers (some are confirmed such as Greinke and Sabathia) and went through their stats to give them an overall rating.

I don’t necessarily believe these are the best 10, but these are the ones I’d like to see and use in the game!  I also believe some of them may pitch better than what their overall suggests. We will do this for each position, including relief pitchers! Enjoy!

Starting Pitchers:

10. 2000 Bartolo Colon -84 overall 
9. 2008 AJ Burnett – 85 overall 
8. 2010 Ubaldo Jimenez-90 overall 
7. 2008 CC Sabathia -92 overall 
6. 2012 R.A. Dickey – 95 overall 
5. 2004 Johan Santana-96 overall 
4. 2009 Lincecum-97 overall 
3. 2011 Verlander-98 overall 
2. 2007 Jake Peavy -98 overall 
1. 2009 Zach Greinke – 99 overall 

Let us know what other flashback cards you’d like to see for starting pitchers in MLB The Show 16!