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Predicting the Starting Pitcher Flashback Cards for MLB The Show 16

mlv the show 16 Starting Pitcher Flashback Cards

Now that we know San Diego Studios is introducing Flashback players for Diamond Dynasty, we can now speculate and have some fun with it. I picked 10 potential flashback players, starting with start pitchers (some are confirmed such as Greinke and Sabathia) and went through their stats to give them an overall rating.

I don’t necessarily believe these are the best 10, but these are the ones I’d like to see and use in the game!  I also believe some of them may pitch better than what their overall suggests. We will do this for each position, including relief pitchers! Enjoy!

Starting Pitchers:

10. 2000 Bartolo Colon -84 overall 
9. 2008 AJ Burnett – 85 overall 
8. 2010 Ubaldo Jimenez-90 overall 
7. 2008 CC Sabathia -92 overall 
6. 2012 R.A. Dickey – 95 overall 
5. 2004 Johan Santana-96 overall 
4. 2009 Lincecum-97 overall 
3. 2011 Verlander-98 overall 
2. 2007 Jake Peavy -98 overall 
1. 2009 Zach Greinke – 99 overall 

Let us know what other flashback cards you’d like to see for starting pitchers in MLB The Show 16! 

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