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SGO Weekly: Action Arcade Wrestling, Kung Fu Kickball, and More! (1/7/2022 – 1/13/2022)

The SGO Weekly breaks down news that may have gone unnoticed throughout the previous week. In addition to general news, this includes reveals, trailers, and announcements. Check out this week’s breakdown featuring more on Action Arcade WrestlingKung Fu Kickball, and more!

SGO Weekly: Action Arcade Wrestling & more!

Kung Fu Kickball leaves early access

KungFu Kickball kicks off the new year by leaving Steam Early Access on Thursday, Feb. 10, 2022, with full cross-play support for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One versions as well as PC and Mac via Steam and the Mac App Store.
In Kung Fu Kickball, players command a team of fighters preparing to strike, headbutt, and roundhouse kick the ball into enemies’ goal bell. Games take place in one-on-one or two-on-two multiplayer. Players will need to hone unbeatable skills in training mode, then strategize high-speed offensive and defensive plays to outsmart opponents and claim victory.

Chocobo GP now available

Chocobo GP is now available for download on iOS and Android devices. In Chocobo GP, players will need navigate through wild and hectic stages to deliver treasure to the finish line and compete against friends to achieve the best score.

New season of KartRider Rush+

KartRider Rush+ from Nexon is receiving its first major update of the year: “Future Factory.” The latest season brings highly anticipated legendary lightning-fast speed kart “Beetle Dasher” and leaping item kart “Buzzwheeler.” In addition, Future Factory includes two dynamic tracks “Trap Factory,” and “Gear Grinder”. Players will also meet “Brodi” the Factory Manager, “Dr. Q,” “Paper Bazzi” and various other all-new characters.

Action Arcade Wrestling launches on Nintendo Switch

Action Arcade Wrestling launches on Nintendo Switch this February. In a few weeks, ‘90s arcade wrestling fans everywhere will be able to pass around a Joy-Con and land the ultimate finisher at home and on the go. Choose from over 30 wrestlers and brawl across over 25 playable game modes. Matches types include 5-on-5 tag team, Elimination matches, as well as Battle Royale, and more.

McLAREN 765LT now available in Rocket League

Psyonix announced the McLaren 765LT is now available in Rocket League. The McLaren 765LT Bundle features the powerful McLaren 765LT Car (Dominus Hitbox), McLaren 765LT Engine Audio, McLaren 765LT Wheels, McLaren 765LT Wheels (Black Painted), McLaren 765LT Decal (Silver Painted), and McLaren 765LT Player Banner. The McLaren 765LT Bundle is available in the Rocket League Item Shop for 1100 Credits through January 18.

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