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Madden 16 Connected Franchise Latest Details


The latest Madden 16 Connected Franchise details for all of our CFM fans. These are some of the details that may have slipped through the cracks or have not been reported at all.

Weekly Goals “chain together”

In madden 16 weekly goals can tell a little bit of a story withing the game and they can chain together. So if you have rookie you drafted his actions will dictate the types of weekly goals he receives. Lets say you have a young running back on your team and he’s starting to have a breakout year, you’ll start to get a series of goals called ‘breakout running back,’ and it starts to help you improve and give you more and more XP as you achieve harder and harder goals throughout your season.

Drive Starter

Drive starter starter looks at the situation of the game, what’s happening in the past in the game, kind of like the story of this drive, and starts to tell a presentation story and an audio story about what’s going on.

Confidence Limits

So, they spent a lot of effort trying to get confidence right, confidence is a whole lot better, the developers have tuned the maximum amount that you can be affected by having low confidence way down, so the maximum you can go down is 3 Overall now. The maximum you can go up is 3 Overall now, and they are more forgiving in the middle, so if you have a couple of bad games, you probably won’t go down, but if you’re having two, three, four really bad games, you’ll start to go down. You’re affected in your most natural attributes for your position.

Off-Season Special Events

Training camps and other off season events are now built into the CFM experience that allow you to greatly boost the confidence for guys who played the season badly.


Practice consists of your offense versus your defense, unfortunately they were not able to add practice teams this year.

CFM Member List

An electable tab in the main menu where you see the list of all the main members in your league, who’s online, see who’s played their game, so who’s set autopilot, and you can invite new members to your league from that same menu as well.

Switching Positions

In Madden 16 CFM there will be no penalty for switching, you can almost switch anything. You can’t make your quarterback a defensive tackle, so the position change has to make sense. To make sure the leagues are behaving correctly the developers added a transition log entry so every time somebody makes a position change so you can set up some house rules. Commissioners will be able to police it and make sure nobody’s abusing the ability to change positions of players.

Draft Board

In Madden 16 developers simplified the draft system and made it a game mechanic. So, now, you can only find out three things about every single player in the draft, and those three things are his top three attributes. If you reveal the third one, you will also get his true draft grade. So, we have a projected draft place, so you might look at the pick just like Mel Kiper and his draft board, the big board.

That’s it for today Sports Gamers! Make sure you check back for all of your Madden 16 Connected Franchise info here at SGO.


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