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NBA Live Making a Comeback?

Every serious hoops gamer still has that catchy, nostalgic phrase stuck in their minds:  “NBA Live….95.”

For all who are old enough to remember, EA Sports used to dominate the basketball scene.   Once the 1994 transition was done with from Bulls vs Lakers and the NBA Playoffs in ’91 to Live in 95, EA had a lock on the category. Each year, they followed up game after game pretty well.  That was until 2K lost the NFL license and they put all efforts into basketball.

With an alleged “comeback” announced by EA Sports for Live 14, gamers were not only disappointed to see that the game was terrible, but most didn’t even give it a chance.

Is it actually possible that this year’s version, NBA Live 15 is decent?  Check out some of these reviews:

IRB Gamer:”In the end NBA Live 15 plays different because it is different. Live has earned a great deal of credibility by going back to the drawing board and recreating the authenticity needed to put the franchise back on the map. This is NOT the year to overlook NBA Live. It’s the year to get it!”

Steve Noah, OS: “NBA Live 15 still has some odd passing animations and quite a few bad animations in general, but it is a lot better than last year, especially on the atmosphere and graphics side of the house. The ESPN broadcast camera angle is perfect, make sure you try it out.”

Robert Kollars: “The game play in Live 15 is an overall improvement, but still has areas that need to be cleaned up and corrected. I liken this to another EA title in MVP 04. The predecessor to MVP 05 showed the community what it’s capable of, but it’s not quite there yet. If EA really does bolster the team that will be working on NBA Live 16, it could be a very good year in 2015 for hoops fans.”

Sure, these aren’t rave reviews, but it does sound like things are on the uptick for the franchise.  NBA Live 15 is set to hit shelves in 2 hours, 10/28/14.



Images Courtesy of GameSpot

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Matthew Taylor
Matthew Taylor
7 years ago

I watched the preview for NBA Live 15 and I am very happy to say that this looks much different (in a positive way) from last year’s failure. I am actually going to buy this and think it’s going to be a fun game to play. It’s not better than 2k yet, but in a few years…